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The WordPress Weekend Roundup

It’s been a very full second week of January as people are definitely back in the saddle and writing and publishing great content. Businesses are attempting to hit their stride as they shake off the dust from the winter break and products are being released left and right.

Fantastic for all of us as we continue to grow our own businesses, personal, and professional lives – it’s just tough to keep up with it all! We’ve got nearly 50 resources in this one.

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend and make sure you check out WordCamp Victoria’s Live Coverage as well!

Embed Stats via WP.COM

Embed Stats via WP.COM

1. Embed Stats via WP.COM

There are some neat WordPress.com stats that cover the amount of embeds that are being used via shortcodes, like Twitter, YouTube, and more.


2. Take Back Your Social Network

This piece is a fantastic argument for blogs… and WordPress via Matt.


3. Why ‘The Daily’ Failed

This was an incredible read by John Gruber about how a promising app really failed. It has much to do about publishing as technology.


4. Focus on Accessibility!

There has been a lot of activity recently around WordPress and accessibility on the Make boards – you have to check these growing conversations out:

Head over there and join the conversation!


5. Page Weight Matters

You need to read this article, especially if you run an online business.


6. BlogDroid – Managed Hosting

We’ve got an upcoming interview with one of the founders to be released this week. They’ve been around for 3 months or so but this is the first time we’ve heard of them.


7. WP Site Care – Managed WordPress Hosting

And yet another solution! They’ve been open since June of last year so a little longer than BlogDroid.

8. BuddyPress 1.6.3 Released

Available immediately is BuddyPress 1.6.3. This security and maintenance release addresses problems with activity commenting and avatar cropping. BP 1.6.3 is a strongly recommended upgrade for all sites running any version of BuddyPress 1.6.


9. WordPress iOS 3.3.1 Released

Rock on.


10. User Roles for the Layman

Michael Brown makes it easy to understand user roles in WordPress.

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