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The WordPress Weekend Roundup

It’s been a relative “light” week as I look back on the past 7 days – although we’ve had a record amount of posts published this past week the other sources of news articles has been relatively small.

And when I say “small” I don’t mean small-small as there’s always a lot going on. Just compared to the previous week I suppose.

I’m rambling. In anycase, here are some great articles that you may have missed that we didn’t cover – and don’t forget to enter into our BlogDroid Giveaway!

1. LiveReload

I wanted to cover this but didn’t find the time. It’s a simple system that monitors changes and refreshes for you automagically.


2. Koken

This is an unbelievable system that you have to check out – Todd is incredibly talented and has been working in this space for years. I had a long-form post to cover this but didn’t find the time. But you should just check it out.


3. Tom McFarlin on Kaleidoscope, Theme or Plugin Implementation, Object-Oriented Development, and the UI Design Process 

Our own technical editor here at WP Daily consistently pumps out incredible content on his personal blog and is one of the best technical resources for WordPress development out there.





4. Lisa Sabin-Wilson on DradCast and Code Poet 

Lisa is getting around with some great interviews, sharing her insights and experiences. If you’ve got some time for a read or a listen it’s worth it.


via Code Poet

via Code Poet

5. Create a Responsive Theme in 5 Minutes

It will most-definitely take you a little longer, but that’s ok. This tutorial might be an alternative place to start if you’re interested in learning how.


6. Post Formats UI Update via Helen Hou-Sandi

Helen gives us the scoop as things continue to progress in 3.6.


7. WP Engine Interviews Miriam Schwab and Marko Heijnen

A good duo of interviews from some specialists in their field.



8. WP Engine and the Myth of the Dedicated IP Address

While we’re covering WP Engine-related material, there’s a great article on a much-talked about myth.


9. Facebook Buttons and Performance

A great look at how to do this right without sacrificing performance for the site.


10. Workload Design for Web Performance

This is someone’s dissertation so it will definitely take more than just a day to walk through it.


11. Google Adsense on WP Touch Pro

Looking to monetize that mobile version?


12. WooCommerce 2.0 Landing March 4th


via WooThemes

via WooThemes

13. Interview with Dan Hood

Many of you are also musicians and I thought this interview was neat with an author from Envato’s network.

via Envato Notes

via Envato Notes

14. Webpages for Video Game Consoles

I love video games so anything to do with them + web is great.


15. Captions Coming to

Now this will be good when you need to put it on “silent” mode while listening at the office.


16. How to Hack a Site in 5 Minutes

Dre shows you how, via iThemes.

17. John Saddington Interview with Matt Report

I also spent some time with Matt over at his blog sharing my thoughts on WordPress and entrepreneurship.

18. 2013 Project Update via Lance Willett

There’s a lot of action around the new 2013 theme coming out. An update on how things are going via Lance.


19. Focus Keywords via Yoast

A lot of you use Yoast’s SEO Plugin and here’s some more details around the ‘focus’ keyword option.


20. Improve and Refine WordPress Development Process

Siobhan McKeown shows us how with a comprehensive look.


21. Interviews Justin Shreve and Mike Brough

Justin is a developer while Mike is a forum volunteer.



22. Use a Premium Theme for a Client?

Not a new question – it’s just been asked again via Boagworld.


23. WooThemes’ One Pager Theme

This was neat enough to cover. I dig it!

via WooThemes

via WooThemes

24. 30 Free Icon Sets


via SpeckyBoy

via SpeckyBoy

25. New York or San Fran?

Where would you rather build your startup?

San Fran

San Fran

New York City

New York City

Both sites are built on WordPress.

26. WordPress – Mature Platform?

I think so but it’s not all the way there yet.

via WP Engine

via WP Engine

27. Avatar Management Plugin from Scratch

Tuts+ shows you how.


28. Hotel Booking Site?

Templatic made an update to one of their themes which is a very neat implementation.

via Templatic

via Templatic

29. Theme Branding and White Labeling

Chip Bennett starts the convo.


30. 14 CDN Providers

WPMU provides some of these options for you to consider.


31. Sublime Text 2 WordPress Extensions

Not bad. Not bad.

via SpeckyBoy

via SpeckyBoy

And… I think that’s it. What did I miss?

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