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The WordPress Weekend Roundup

Crazy week, right?

It’s been one for the record books for me personally as I’ve been attempting to finalize a Kickstarter campaign and project that has pretty much hijacked my entire life. At some point I’ll have a massive retrospective, but I’m exhausted with only a day or so to go.

But naturally there’s been more news than just Kickstarter project – here are some of the things that happened this previous week that you may not have gotten to see.

Oh, and by the way, make sure you’re aware of the big super bot that’s attempting to access your site!

1. Rethinking Post Formats

Sara Cannon shares her thoughts on a well designed (get it?!) post.


2. MP6 .7 is Released

This might be of interest to you, you admin junkie you.


3. WordPress Geekified?

I haven’t read this book by Heather Wallace but it might be of interest to check out.

You don't say...?

You don’t say…?

4. Medium Adds Collaboration Technology

I’m watching everything that Medium is doing because I think Ev Williams is brilliant.



5. WP Migrate DB Pro… Coming Soon?

The rumor is that Brad Touesnard is releasing a Pro version of his plugin…

6. XHPROF vs XDEBUG Running on Apache and OSX


7. Percona MySQL Server Switching on jemalloc


8. Finely Tuned Consultant – Joel Goodman

An interview via WP Engine.


9. Quality WordPress Products

Do they exist?


10. My First Website

BinaryMoon reminisces.

via Binarymoon

via Binarymoon

11. Audio Jungle Beats the 100,000 Mark

Wow, that’s a lot of tunes.

via Envato

via Envato

12. WordPress and Universal Analytics

Noel Tock shares a few thoughts, some of which was new to me.


13. New iThemes Licensing System

Also, don’t forget to check out their continued series on creating a killer meetup.


14. Interview with Kim Gjerstad via Code Poet

via Code Poet

via Code Poet

15. WooThemes Adds Pre-Orders for WooCommerce

Now this is a pretty neat feature that I hadn’t even thought about needing, until now.

via WooThemes

via WooThemes

16. Truly Minimal Theme Released


17. Analysis of Responsive Websites

This is a neat review of what’s hot and what’s not.


18. WP Beginner for a Document Management or File Management System

I’ve seen this done many times for internal corporate systems.


19. Running a Successful Theme Company

WP Lift shares a few candid thoughts.


20. Development, Testing, Acceptance, Production

via WPRealm

via WPRealm

21. 5 Ways WordPress Can Make You Rich

Hard work included in all scenarios.

via ProThemeDesign

via ProThemeDesign

22. 8 Lessons in Mobile Usability

I spent some time on this last week. Loved it.


23. 9 Typical Problems with WordPress and the Solutions


24. SitePoint’s Developer Contracts

Make sure you’re legally covered for your work!


25. Scribu on Plugin Support


26. Complaining About Customers? Really?

Grow up.


27. Behind the Design of the Ryu Theme

Love this overview.

via Themeshaper

via Themeshaper

28. Thoughts on Self-Editing



29. WordPress, Meet Vagrant

via Bachhuber


30. Missing Comment Replies?

Pippin WilliamsonAndrew Norcross and Tom McFarlin collaboration. That’s kind of sick.


31. Peerapong Sells over $2 Million Worth of Themes

Wow, that’s a lot of sales.

via Envato

via Envato

32. Sara Rosso in the Hot Seat


33. One Year via Thomas Griffin


34. The Future of SEO Plugins?

Yoast has some thoughts, as he always does.


35. Create Responsive Website with HTML5 and CSS3


36. Pay What You Want on a Theme?

Does it really work?


37. Moving a WordPress Theme

Smashing Magazine has another overview. This isn’t the first article to discuss this process and probably not the last.


38. Leading WordPress Theme Providers?

WPMU has a perspective.

via WPMU

via WPMU

39. Speaking at WordCamp – Tips and Tricks

Chris Lema has spits wisdom:


40. Pressgram Reaches $50,000 Goal

Yup. We did it.

Now the real work begins…


Ok, so what did I miss?

More WordPress News From Torque:

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