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Code Garage Closes, Moves Fully to VaultPress

As many people had thought and as Code Garage has shared previously, all customers are being asked to migrate to VaultPress through their automated system in the next few months.

This will essentially complete the acquisition that Automattic made back in December of last year. As of right now, no new signups are being offered by Code Garage and instead you’ll be signing up with VaultPress directly.

For a time I thought that maybe both would co-exists, sharing technology best practices under two different brands and identities but it would see that folding Code Garage completely under VaultPress was going to be the best global solution for all those involved.

This makes sense and at the end of the day the acquisition of Code Garage, including the talent pool and technology, would end up being a customer-base acquisition as well.


Existing customers shouldn’t have to worry as Joseph Scott shares that “they’ve got the details and options on this right.” You should be in good hands with the migration solution. You’ll get two months free and if you don’t migrate you’ll get a refund on your last month, which will end on July 1st.

And you can do it starting today.



The backup industry is not a new one and as I mentioned just the other day there are a lot of options out there to choose from – find the one that suits you best and gives you exactly what you need at the right price point for your budget. Most likely there’s one out there waiting for you.

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