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Ryu is now available for WP.org sites

Ryu is a great, minimalist theme that many personal bloggers choose. It allows you to use WordPress without all the extra clutter and chrome many themes have. Best of all, it’s now available for WordPress.org sites in the official theme directory.

It’s a theme built by Automattic to focus on clutter-free blogging for folks who just want to focus on content, and not other things cluttering their site on sidebars, etc. Some widget options are available as well, but they don’t take a way from the minimalist feel of the theme at all.


So, why choose a theme like Ryu? Probably the top reason would be the focus on the content and nothing else. If you’re not planning on advertising or placing other important content on your site, this theme is great since it just allows you to write and anyone who comes to your site will see your writing first and foremost.

Next, since there are so few options, it’s easy to configure and quick to get up and running on your site. You don’t need to spend time deciding where widgets go and how things should look. Lastly, it really looks great. Colors and fonts are tasteful and things are arranged in a way to allow for easy reading and interaction with the site.

So, want to check it out? Head on over to its page on the theme directory to look at a preview of Ryu in action and to download a copy. You won’t be disappointed!

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