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VaultPress: New 'Lite' Plan @ $5 per Month

This has been a long time coming!

When VaultPress first arrived on the scenes one of most common reactions from bloggers (of all sizes) was:

Ugh, $15 per month? I can’t do that!

Well they just made their incredible service much more in reach of the average blogger and consumer by dropping into a $5.00 per month plan that they are calling ‘Lite’.

I think this makes complete sense and I believe that scaling in this way will see an incredible increase of subscriptions and users.


What you get is still incredibly robust, the major difference being that you just get 30 days of backup as opposed to backups stored for greater than 30 days.

For most bloggers this will be enough as the amount of changes to their blog or site won’t warrant having to revert back greater than a month of time.

Well done team and seriously good business move. VaultPress is naturally positioned to compete with the very popular BackupBuddy system that many of our community have come to know and love.

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