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Episode 037: Long Live the King

Show Notes


Alex King is a designer, developer, and CTO of Crowd Favorite. He got his start using B2, and quickly moved into helping develop WordPress when it was in its infancy. During his time helping develop WordPress, he has been responsible for such tools as the share icon and JavaScript quicktags.

You can contact him on Twitter @alexkingorg or visit his website.

What They’re Sippin’ On

Brad- Homebrew IPA

Dre- Canada Dry

Alex- H2O

Pressing Topics

WordPress.com relaunched its developer site

WordPress has updated its developer site with a new look, but also new features. This update helps third party developers find information easier, and boasts a lot of tools to help developers start creating apps.

Commercial themes 

Automattic is now accepting submissions for commercial themes on their site. They are really trying to open up the commercial theme marketplace to more people.

The 3 jobs of new hires

Alex details what they expect from new developers they hire. He points out 3 additional roles they should assume when starting their job.

WordPress 3.9

WordPress 3.9 Beta 1 has just been released. 3.9 should be released sometime in April.

Bar Tricks


The first is a freelance job title generator, just for fun. The real bar trick is from Tribe, it has a lot of tools for freelancers that give helpful tutorials and advice for


Helpful video that explains what “open source” means, using legos as illustrations.


WordCamp Atlanta  March 15-16

WordCamp Miami  May 9-11 – DRAD / Podcast Panel

WordCamp Philly 2014  June 7-8

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