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3 Free Responsive Designs via Theme Hybrid

Justin Tadlock shared some of the community around Theme Hybrid have released three (yes, 3!) free responsive themes that are pretty attractive looking, I must say.

They are ShellSpine, and Satu.

Take a look:







Rocking it out!

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  • http://paulwp.com Paul

    hey! thanks for mentioning my theme. Actually left a comment in the other post about frameworks…

    • http://john.do/ John Saddington

      it’s funny because we had that post queued up before the comment was seen!

  • http://shellcreeper.com/ David

    Thank you for mentioning.

    Theme Hybrid is a great community. I learn a lot from Justin Tadlock.

    If you’re a WordPress theme / plugin developer, consider to join. Trust me, you’ll get more than what you can expect.

  • http://justintadlock.com Justin Tadlock

    Thanks for posting the themes. It’s great that some of our community members are getting some extra exposure for their work. They put in a lot of extra time in the forums too.

    I’m kind of partial to the Satu theme, but I really love well-designed one-column themes.