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The Future of WP Daily

There has been much thought and feedback over the last day about what will happen to WP Daily. Please know that we have a plan in place! We are going to put the site back online for archiving purposes for the community.

Please know that there will be other announcements in the very near future about the long-term plan for WP Daily, but until then all editorial will be halted and no new posts shall be published.

Thank you for your patience and we’re very excited about the future of not only this site but the great content and legacy that’s been created. Again, we couldn’t have done it without your help.

Stay tuned!

(Financial partners should have already received their pro-rated balances.)

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  • http://andywashere.com/ Andy Christian

    Whew! Glad to hear. I’m hoping someone else can take the reins, though, and keep the stories coming.

  • http://winningwp.com Brin

    Looking forward to what happens next!

  • Amy Hendrix

    Thank you for this. As sorry as I was to see the announcement that you were stopping, it felt even worse to think that all those links were gone!

  • Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    Phew! :-) So happy to hear.

  • http://www.wpsquare.com/ Bharath

    Glad its back! Hope someone will take care of it in future.

  • http://eatingrichly.com Eric J

    WOW such a surprise!

  • Mike

    You all need to go to rehab.

    • http://andywashere.com/ Andy Christian

      Care to explain the meaning of that comment, Mike?

      • Mike


        Off yesterday – back today ≠ stability.

        Also, please make less posts. The great posts are great but instead of making that extra post-> comment; have a cup of coffee, go for a walk, get a life.

    • http://jarederickson.com Jared Erickson
  • http://codyl.com Cody Landefeld

    Crisis averted.

  • http://www.petersenmediagroup.com Jesse Petersen

    YAY! It’s back. The world can continue spinning that big “W” posting news to all proudly.

  • http://about.me/michaelbeil Michael John Beil

    That’s a relief. Anticipating what’s next.

  • http://iammike.co Mike Zielonka

    So glad your back!

  • Ben

    Can’t wait to hear how WP Daily will change. I literally look forward to your e-mail each and every day.

  • http://www.wpmu.org Raelene Wilson

    Glad to see the site is back up and running!

  • http://www.devsh.co Devesh

    So glad to see WPDaily back up and running :).

  • http://www.squareonemd.co.uk Elliott Richmond

    Thats great news, looking forward to knowing whats around the corner.

  • http://columbiaobgyn.org Neil Link

    Awesome!!! Excited to hear what the future holds.

  • http://www.ygi.ch Yiannis Girod

    Very good decision ! Glad to read WP Daily again !

  • http://www.ivycat.com Eric Amundson

    Glad you’re back and really excited to see what’s in the hopper.

  • http://softstribe.com Muhammad Haroon

    I’m glad to see wpdaily back in my browser… Thank you, and best of luck the future plans.

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  • http://furtherupdates.com Shahnawaz

    I’m glad to see wpdaily back in my browser… Thank you, and best of luck the future plans.

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  • http://www.mathewporter.co.uk/ Mathew Porter

    Cant wat to see what you have planned.

  • Neil Link

    I’m surprised that no real announcement has been made about WP Daily’s new home

  • http://chuckreynolds.us/ Chuck Reynolds

    Seems like it sold!! http://poststat.us/wpcandy-sold/

  • Stevensen Liu

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