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So, What is PageLines DMS? It's Coming in 22 Days…

Whatever it is, it’s coming in 22 days via PageLines.

From what the video describes it’s a “revolution” in web page creation using their signature drag-and-drop solution built on top of WordPress – to me, I can’t get the obviously-similar videography of the overview to that of Apple (i.e. Apple-esque narrative).

Take a look:

Click for video!

Click for video!

They wouldn’t allow embeds on other sites, so you’ll have to go there yourself.

It doesn’tĀ appear to be altogether innovative or somethingĀ entirely new in the category of drag-and-drop technology but then again, all I’ve seen in a 50-second clip!

Perhaps it will be revolutionary in terms of what people have seen WordPress do historically – that I could get behind perhaps, but I’ll wait for more details to be released.

Amazing? OK!

Amazing? OK!

If you’re interested in being a part of the Beta team to test you can sign up as well.

I’ve personally never been a super-fan of drag-and-drop solutions; one day I might be convinced but I just think the code required to make it worthwhile creates incredible bloat for the overall experience and product. Maybe that gap and distance will be transformed and minimized with DMS – here’s hoping?

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  • http://www.WordSkill.com donnacha of WordSkill

    I’d buy whatever the guy in the video is selling … but I’m worried he’d just spend the money on more crack.

  • http://buildersnippets.com Sridhar Katakam (@srikat)

    Tell me when they do not have a 100 different pricing plans for a single product and I’ll buy. It’s almost as if they are trying to compete with Microsoft.

  • http://iammike.co Mike Zielonka

    John – I’ve been Alpha testing PageLines DMS for several months. I can promise you that it’s much more then just “drag and drop”. You’re getting a true canvas for your design and a very modular framework for your code. :)

    I have a feeling that if you could hook me up with a WP Daily mug (i love coffee mugs) I could hook you up with some real details of what the “revolution” looks like. :)

    • http://discerne.com Cesar Falcao

      I was very inclined to start using Headways Themes, but I think Pagelines DMS just showed up in the right time.

      I’m very anxious to see the if DMS’ design workflow will converge in my expectations of ease and free code theming.

  • Sarah J. Darlow-Parker

    I had Pagelines before and updated to the new DMS system this week. So far, I can’t get it to work properly (FYI I am not a tech geek!). From looking at the set-up, it appears that I will have to buy certain features to add into my drag and drop options. I just purchased a branding section pack for $14.99 but there is no info on how to upload the branding set to DMS and the DMS customizations aren’t even working for me. They redesigned the Pagelines site and the support forum is no longer accessible and I can’t find a contact for support :/ I love the concept but I’m wondering if this is a way to nickel and dime customers. If I can’t get this figured out, I will be switching frameworks