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ThemeForest: 100% GPL, WooThemes to Join

And we all saw this coming.

With all the news surrounding Envato, the GPL, and licensing, it was only a matter of time for the official announcement to drop, with the added bonus of having WooThemes join up as a launch partner:

We’re happy to announce today that authors on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon can now choose to license their WordPress items through a 100% GPL option.

To help us launch this new feature, we’re excited to have one of the most well known and respected theme outfits joining ThemeForest’s ever growing library — WooThemes!

This is a day that many have been waiting for and means, among many things, that Envato partners and ThemeForest authors will be able to attend their local WordCamps without fear of being blackballed.

The option right now is only for WordPress-related categories with more of them to be released in the coming days, such as Joomla, Drupal, Zen Cart, and others.

The author will get to choose which license in their options and once they go GPL they won’t be able to head back to the split-license version – so choose wisely!

Congrats to Collis and the rest of the team as they move forward strongly with not just a new licensing term but also with WooThemes and the many other GPL-compliant theme companies in the future!

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  • http://wp.tutsplus.com Japh Thomson

    Thanks for the post, John! 😀

    Just to clarify:

    The author will get to choose which license in their options and once they go GPL they won’t be able to head back to the split-license version – so choose wisely!

    As Collis clarifies in his post, the author can choose to enable the option from their settings, then on each item they can choose 100% GPL or split license.

    Once an item is set to the 100% GPL license, that item can’t be changed back to split license.

  • http://www.designcrumbs.com Jake Caputo

    Just switched all mine over! Exciting stuff!

    • http://churchthemes.com Steven Gliebe

      Perhaps somebody somewhere just erased you from the blacklist.

  • http://www.wpsquare.com/ Bharath

    This is a great news! Both for authors and buyers. Just checked WooThemes portfolio on ThemeForest and they have listed all their themes under 100% GPL license. Hope others will also join ThemeForest very soon.

  • http://churchthemes.com Steven Gliebe

    AJ Clarke posted any interesting question on the ThemeForest forums: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/100-gpl-author-exclusivity/92299

    …what happens when an author makes an item GPL and they are an “exclusive” author? If the item is GPL then it can be sold elsewhere, but according to the ThemeForest “exclusivity” terms it may not. Does this mean an exclusive author can’t sell their GPL theme elsewhere but another user/person could do so if they get their hands on it?

    • http://mvied.com/ Mvied

      I’m pretty sure that it’s impossible for Envato to enforce exclusivity with a GPL-compliant product. Customers who purchase these GPL-comliant themes will then be free to do whatever they want with the theme. That includes selling it on their own website or anything else they want to do with it. I imagine many authors will not change their themes to GPL for this reason. It only makes sense if you’re trying to make money.

      • http://churchthemes.com Steven Gliebe

        That’s the irony of it. Everyone except the actual author of the theme, if they are Exclusive (which the vast majority are), will be at liberty to sell it anywhere under the GPL. If the author sells it outside of ThemeForest, there is no violation of the GPL. However, if they have agreed to be an Exclusive author with Envato (meaning 50% – 70% commission instead of 33%), they will be violating those terms and possibly see their item removed or account closed.

        What’s refreshing about a place like Creative Market is that everyone is free to sell their themes outside of that marketplace without taking a profit-smashing hit to the commission rate. But alas, they don’t have nearly the line of buyers lined up that Envato does.

  • http://www.robertlillywebdeveloper.com Robert Lilly

    Just a technical clarification: I don’t think anyone was blackballed from attending WordCamps for noncompliance with the GPL, only from being a presenter or sponsor. That’s a subtle, but important, difference.

    • http://designcrumbs.com Jake Caputo

      You’re completely right. In fact, I was encouraged to still attend.

      • http://john.do/ John Saddington

        yup, thanks for that clarification!

  • http://www.obox-design.com/ David Perel

    Really happy about this, all our themes are now officially 100% GPL on ThemeForest. Was good timing too as we met Matt Mullenweg last night for the first time… :)

    • http://wp.envato.com/ Japh

      Fantastic news! Meeting Matt must’ve been pretty awesome too :)