VaultPress Adds Easier Navigation to Backups via Calendar View

This makes total sense!

This makes total sense!

VaultPress, one of the best real-time backup solutions for your WordPress blog, has updated their usability by adding a calendar view for those looking to revert back to a period of time.

Before this it was a little bit difficult to pinpoint exactly what the right backup was if you were in a pinch. This intuitive interface is a much-needed addition to an already incredible service:

We’ve added a list of calendars to your VaultPress dashboard. You can click around from day-to-day and see all of the backups for your site, restoring (or downloading) any one as needed.

Each day is color coded to help identify days with lots of activity, ranging from white (one or two backups), to yellow, to orange, and red (lots of changes on those days mean more backups).

I’ve used VaultPress for my backup solutions and there really isn’t a solution that I’d opt to go for when given a choice – in fact, I’ve recommended to nearly every single client of mine, especially if they run a business that depends on their WordPress blog and/or site.

Sites. Lots.

10 sites…

As you can see here I am using them for a bunch of projects – seriously worth every single penny and the few times that I’ve had to use the backups have been a life-saver.

Are you using any backup solution for your WordPress implementation? How’s it going and how is the navigation piece for backup?

Love seeing these incremental improvements to a great service – keep it up VaultPress Team!

  • Reba Baskett

    Have been thinking about using the service. Will seriously give it another look.

    • John Saddington

      it really is one of the best plugins out there. period.

  • ClickHOST

    Hi, John, I did a survey and amazingly enough most WP peeps are using BackupBuddy. See here: We also use VaultPress at ClickHOST.

    Would like to know what others think of BackupBuddy.

    Cheers, Carel.