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BuddyPress Year in Review 2012

BuddyPress has recently shared their annual year in review stating that 2012 has been a year of clean-up, revision, and streamlining where now the entire platform runs on a much smaller set of plugins with the intention and now ability of supporting the project much more properly.

In addition, if you’ve been tracking with the project, the group forums were retired gracefully and they managed to release both the 1.5 and 1.6 this past year.

With a new 4th core committer, Raymond Hoh, it looks to be an exciting year for BuddyPress and the continued growth of a social platform that has gotten a lot of play historically – I’ve tried it personally for a few projects and the results have been great as my clients have been very pleased with the implementations.

Here’s a look into 2013 and what you might expect:

  • Theme compatibility with all WordPress themes.
  • Dropping the ability to create new bbPress 1.1 powered group forums, relying solely on bbPress 2.x.
  • Notifications being extracted into its own component.
  • More wp-admin integration, starting with Groups management.
  • Retina all-of-the-things.
  • What’s New and Credits pages, ala WordPress core.
  • Again, hopefully another prolific core committer.
  • A BuddyCamp or two wouldn’t hurt.

Stoked to see this system get the attention it deserves as it’s already impacted my own clients, customers, and their entire user-base.

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