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The WordPress Weekend Roundup

It’s been a hectic week before Christmas with a lot of incredible news that’s been reported in the last week alone. We can’t cover everything but we definitely at least want you to know about some neat posts that might float your fancy.

Take a look at this week’s weekend roundup, bringing you posts that you may have missed – we’ve got 34 links this week, so don’t forget to hit “Next Page”!

Please let us know if there was anything else juicy that we should definitely know about!

1. WordPress Pingback Vulnerability

Definitely worth checking out if you’re nervous about security.


2. Bill Erickson’s Defense of Consulting Businesses


3. Akismet’s Spammy Year in Review

A look back at what 2012 brought in terms of spam and how Akismet managed it all


4. GPL and the Repository

Mika shares an overview of code that are popular but not GPL compatible. Good to know if you’re building plugins and themes.


5. 35% Off iThemes

You heard it. Now go get something awesome!


6. Audit Your WordPress Theme via Do It with WordPress

Create less errors and greater compatibility. Worth a look.

7. 20 Fantastic WordPress Footer Designs


8. Two New Themes for Book Lite and Misty Lake

Get ’em while they are hot!

9. Turning Any Theme into a WordPress Theme


10. Things I Love and Hate About WordPress via Noupe

An interesting op-ed via Noupe.

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