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It's That Time Again: Voting for Core Team Reps

If you’ve been around the core development team for some time then you know that there have always been a leadership structure that is followed so that stuff simply gets done. Most organizations have some sort of reporting mechanism and structure that exists so that productivity remains high.

Earlier this year WordPress started experimenting with “Team Reps” which is not the same thing as “Team Leads” – this distinction helped distribute the responsibility of providing updates about progress to others to keep the net of responsibility wide without letting things slip through the crack.

This position would be temporary, allowing people to take breaks from it and giving other people the opportunity to stretch their leadership experience and to increase the opportunity for internal mentorship throughout the entire team. From what has been said on the street the experiment has been a very positive one (although they are streamlining it even more) and it’s time again to vote for the core team representatives for the upcoming season.

Jane Wells explains all of this in greater detail here and for those that are interested in being a temporary team rep you just need to share that in the comments – and then others can vote via the Team Rep Vote on Polldaddy.

Naturally, representatives are needed for all the areas of core and you can find them right here:

Let the voting begins! Can’t wait to hear who will be representing all of our collective interests for the next season of growth!

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