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Is Obox Beating the GPL, System?

Of course there’s a lot of pressure right now on making sure that the GPL issues around Envato and WordPress are enforced, or at least that the things being said are aligned with actual action and one such confusing example is Obox and their apparent distribution of their Gigawatt Theme.

As mentioned by @ChrisWallace, what exactly is the ruling here?

The proof of the issue, as they say, is in the pudding:


Above we see the theme being sold on Themeforest as well as on


You can also see the two demos here and here:



This seems to be clearly an “issue” with licensing but what most people who aren’t a part of the existing network or in the Premium offerings at are asking is this: What are exactly the rules as set by and the Premium Theme team in a way that the layman can understand?

As mentioned in the comments here, we can see that Brian Gardner from StudioPress has pulled out all the their themes in ThemeForest recently because of “internal” reasons, even if they had disclaimed the 100% GPL compliance:

We felt that disclaiming our themes were 100% GPL was enough. Regardless of that, however, we did make the decision well before yesterday, to remove our themes for our own internal reasons. Just want to clarify.

Are other companies pulling out as well? Are there any other theme providers like Obox that are selling their themes in both and ThemeForest?  What do you think about this situation?

Most people are left scratching their heads while they poll other networks, ask people they trust, and read the variety of opinions out there.

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