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VaultPress Simplifies FTP/SFTP, SSH Access

VaultPress had some big news just a few weeks ago relate with their acquisition of CodeGarage and many have wondered how the two will continue to co-exist and/or be combined since their services can be considered very similar.

Regardless of what eventually happens (it’s reported that things for customers will be seamless and uninterrupted) their products are continued to be refined and updated, just like VaultPress’ recent update to their system for accessing and connecting to WordPress sites:

We’ve recently made this much easier to do when you sign up or add a new site by asking for the credentials before you install the plugin. Providing us with the credentials right away enables VaultPress to immediately run as efficiently as it can and start protecting your site right away.

Streamlining the user-experience for adoption and increasing site protection faster is a win-win in anyone’s book.


Slick and simple.

VaultPress is something that we are now actively looking into for WP Daily as a backup and protection solution. Personally I’ve used it on a bunch of sites and love the service and we would have already pulled the trigger if it wasn’t for some server config tests that we’ve been doing recently.

Good job VaultPress and keep up the quality work – you’re creating incredible trust with customers that’s going to pay off in spades.

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