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BuddyPress 1.7.1, Now Available

Just a small update on the 1.7.1 maintenance release that dropped earlier this morning. Here’s the overview of the changelog that you can expect to see in action when you update:

  • Fixed a deprecated jQuery call (#4964).
  • Improved the construction of avatar URLs on multisite setups (#4948).
  • Fixed a number of instances where jQuery event delegation is required for button actions to work (#4943,#4931).
  • Fixed a problem when upgrading from pre-1.5 versions of BP (#4935).
  • Fixed a piece of logic that created invalid template markup for non-logged-in users (#4932).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented plugins from saving their group options in certain error cases (#4930).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the ‘buddypress’ class name to be over-applied to non-BP pages (#4928).
  • Fixed a bug that caused Unsubscribe links to appear in email notifications even when the Settings component is disabled (#4923).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented logged-out users from seeing the admin bar (#4803).
  • Fixed a bug that caused bp_is_user() to fail in certain circumstances (#3815).

Thanks Boone Gorges for the update and keep them coming!

Social in a Box!

Social in a Box!

Remember, 1.7.1 is a “recommended” upgrade for all installations running 1.5+. Don’t dilly-dally (yes, I used that word)!

Get it here folks!

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