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BuddyPress 1.7, Achievement 3.2 Released!

1.7 is now out and it’s called “Totonno” and apparently it’s the best version ever.

They’ve been hinting at it for quite some time (although it’s not like it’s a secret or anything) but with your WordPress theme compatibility now active you won’t have to dig or search for a BuddyPress theme anymore.

This is a significant boon for site owners as the paring down of things to check-off in terms of compatibility is a huge win. Better group management and administration also received a big boost with better and more powerful ways for members to connect. You can bulk-delete groups, edit group settings, and manage membership without ever leaving the admin panel.

Group Management!

Group Management!

This is going to be a busy week for many BuddyPress site managers as they upgrade their sites and optimize their core experience.

One plugin, if I may, that might be of interest to throw in the mix is the release of Achievement 3.2 that’s seen a big jump for BuddyPress – this video here explains all you need to know about it:

3.2 was released just a few days ago with a major upgrade for full integration with BuddyPress user profiles and the activity stream.

So, what are you waiting for? This is a big week for BuddyPress users – jump on it! What else are you stoked about for these releases? Are you a WordPress site owner that might jump into the use of BuddyPress with these new features and with theme compatibility?

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