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Jetpack's Hidden Featured Content Function

Jetpack is an interesting plugin mostly because it’s the plugin that people love to love and also love to hate.

Whether or not you’re a fan or not is not the focus of this blog post (although we have no control over the comment layer to be sure); instead, it’s about a neat feature in Jetpack that you may not have known existed.

For starters, were you aware of the Featured Content functionality that Jetpack 2.2 sported? As Kirk Wight points out, there’s almost no online documentation at this point and not even listed in the changelog:

Automattic quietly introduced a new Jetpack feature in 2.2. Online documentation is still in process, and it’s not even listed in the changelog; but it’s something all theme developers can take advantage of right now. It’s called Featured Content (FC), and you want to start using it with your themes.

If you’re a WP.com user then you’re already familiar with this feature because you may have already marked content as Featured with your tag of choice which would then showcase a different look, depending on the theme you were using.

To add support you’ll need to do the following as part of your theme’s setup function in functions.php hooked to after_setup_theme:



* Add support for Jetpack’s Featured Content


add_theme_support( ‘featured-content’, array(

‘featured_content_filter’ => ‘themeslug_featured_content’,

‘max_posts’ => 10,

) );


If you’re interested in learning more about filters and sliders, check out Wight’s blog post for the full scoop.

Thanks to Ian Stewart for calling attention to it! I had no idea!

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