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A World of WordPress Cakes (and Other Yummies)!

Wow, did you survive yesterday? There were apparently 646 cities that participated with nearly 5,000 people having a great time, all in the name of WordPress!

The WP10 Site was rockin’ all night on one of our flat-panels in our office at our party here in Atlanta and it was neat to see shots from all over the world from our amazing community!

Here are a few pictures specifically of cakes and yummies from WP10:


Lots of people. Lots of cakes?

Oh, and here’s a video of our event and the Happy Birthday song!

And if you missed it, here are just a few posts from others who have shared their love for WordPress and their thoughts on the first 10 years:

Did you share something about your experience? Please share it with a link to your blog in the comments!

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