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Daily Theme & Plugin Roundup – 6.24.2013

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all have a great week and I have some new plugins to kick it off!

Check out all 92 of them after the jump!

New Plugins

  1. FP Testimonials This plugin will display testimonials in sidebar with several effects. You can manage the options from backend.Also you can use Shortcode for pages.
  2. Bistri Video Conference Host a Video Conference right in WordPress.
  3. Tweets Rotator 2013 A widget that allows you to display the tweets. Add your Twitter feed to your sidebar with this widget.
  4. YITH WooCommerce Compare YITH WooCommerce Compare allows you to compare more products of your shop in one complete table.
  5. YITH WooCommerce Ajax Navigation YITH WooCommerce Ajax Navigation allows you to filter the products in the Shop page without reloading the page.
  6. Gumroad Overlay Display your Gumroad purchase pages in a pretty lightbox overlay.
  7. Book Doctor Appointments – iCliniq This plugin uses https://www.icliniq.com ‘s doctor search API to list doctors in your website. Users can book doctor appointments from your websi
  8. Inline Preview Inline Preview adds a preview of the post you’re writing next to the editor when you click Preview (instead of opening it in a new tab).
  9. Featured Image via URL Automatically generate the Featured Image from the specified image url in post.
  10. WordPress Delicious Recent Bookmarks Adds a widget for displaying your latest Delicious links.
  11. Min Calendar Add minimum calendar
  12. VK Image Forces vk.com to use the first image from post while sharing a link.
  13. p5 : Plenty of Perishable Passwords for Protected Posts Specify multiple passwords for pages / posts / custom post types. An expiration date can be set for each password.
  14. User Groups Restrictions Extend of user-groups plugin, this plugin allows you to restrict access to users groups in back-end and front-end on page.
  15. Better Forms Lightweight plugin that just simply makes the forms on your WordPress site look better, more professional and reliable across browsers
  16. MySQLi database layer MySQL is deprecated and this plugin creates a layer to use MySQLi instead. So you don’t get notices when using PHP 5.5
  17. Discard html tags in comments This plugin removes all the basic html tags in the comments section like “You may use these HTML tags and attributes: “…
  18. Blade Brings Laravel’s great template engine, Blade, to WordPress. Just install and start using blade in your theme.
  19. WP Awesome FAQ Plugin Best WordPress FAQ Plugin integrated with Custom Post Type. WP Awesome FAQ comes with accordion based JQuery UI.
  20. 30suns Service Health Dashboard 30suns makes it easy to start publishing incident reports on a service health dashboard.
  21. Very Simple Google Maps Contains a simple way to add an embedded Google Map to any page or post.
  22. Easy Author Image Adds an author image uploader to your profile page. Upload an author image right from your profile page with the click of a button.
  23. Ping List Pro Ping List Pro is the ultimate ping list plugin for professional bloggers. Automatically updates your ping list every day.

Updated Plugins

  1. CMS admin area Useful and easy way to customize your WordPress admin area and the login page.
  2. Author Box Plugin With Different Description The Plugin will add an author box to your site. It also gives a flexibility to add different description for the same author according to the post.
  3. Cookies for Comments Sets a cookie on a random URL that is then checked when a comment is posted. If the cookie is missing the comment is marked as spam.
  4. Sub Categories Widget This Widget lists the sub-categories for a given category.
  5. WP Noindex Total Instruct search engines to total no indexing WordPress Frontend, Backend and Login.
  6. Menu Social Icons Add social icons to your WordPress menu items automatically.
  7. Simple Share Buttons Adder A simple plugin that enables you to add share buttons to all of your posts and/or pages.
  8. EZ Emails EZ Emails (Easy Emails) allows the administrators of a WordPress site to send emails to users or manually typed email addresses, based on HTML template
  9. YITH WooCommerce Compare YITH WooCommerce Compare allows you to compare more products of your shop in one complete table.
  10. font-resizer font-resizer allows the visitors of your website to change the content font size
  11. CSSrefresh Small plugin for web developers, that monitors and refresh your css immediately after saving it
  12. Image Counter This plugin adds a small counter to each image in your posts.
  13. WooCommerce Widget Product Slideshow A beautifully lightweight WooCommerce widget product slideshow plugin that packs a powerful marketing punch
  14. YITH WooCommerce Ajax Navigation YITH WooCommerce Ajax Navigation allows you to filter the products in the Shop page without reloading the page.
  15. Oasis Workflow Workflow process for WordPress made simple with Oasis Workflow.
  16. Spirits and Goblins This plugin enables 2-step verification using one-time password when you log in your WordPress.
  17. Genesis Post Navigation This plugin adds post navigation and an additional option to navigate posts within category.
  18. Comment Control Gives administrators some more flexible options for controlling comments – e.g., independently setting the default comment status for Posts and Pages.
  19. Saphali Woocommerce LITE Adds Russian localization & special Tools
  20. Alpine PhotoTile for Google Plus and Picasa Stylish and compact plugin for displaying Picasa and Google Plus images in a sidebar, post, or page.
  21. Cool FB Likebox Create a Facebook fan pages with the Facebook pop out tab. The Tab sits at the side, top, and bottom of your site and pops out to reveal a like box
  22. A Forms Create easy contact forms.
  23. Intercom for WordPress Easy integration of the Intercom CRM and messaging app into your WordPress website.
  24. Tom M8te Tom M8te is every developers m8te, making it a little easier to make a plugin.
  25. Cimy Swift SMTP Send email via SMTP (Compatible with GMAIL)
  26. Cimy User Extra Fields Add some useful fields to registration and user’s info
  27. Multisite Admin Bar Switcher Replaces the built in ‘My Sites’ drop down with a better laid out one
  28. Image Store Image Store (ImStore) is a photo gallery and store plugin for WordPress with Paypal and Google Checkout integration.
  29. Twitter Digest Creates a daily or weekly post containing tweets from a twitter account.
  30. Strictly System Check Strictly System Check is a plugin that periodically checks your site checking your database and server and reporting if any problems are found.
  31. qTranslate Adds user-friendly multilingual content management and translation support into WordPress.
  32. Enlighter – Customizable Syntax Highlighter Simple post syntax-highlighted code using the EnlighterJS MooTools Plugin.
  33. Pre Draft Camp Plugin This plugin create Pre Draft Camp environment on your website.You can create/manage/list/details Camp, Venue, Coach and Players within your website.
  34. Easy Easy, but complex widget website builder.
  35. PluginsTalk Bar [Discontinued] Display a top bar in each page of your blog. You can use it to display news, important website events, offers, discounts, etc.
  36. imaGenius The plugin allows you to add a frame, a filter or an animation effect to any image, even external to WP, by inserting the link in between two tags.
  37. Gianism Connect user accounts with major web services like Facebook, twitter, etc. Stand on the shoulders of giants!
  38. Edge Suite Manage and view your Adobe Edge Animate compositions on your website.
  39. Spamdyke Analyzer A plugin to understand SpamDyke ‘s error codes
  40. WP-Client Lite :: Client Portals, File Upload, Invoices & Billing WP-Client Client Management & Billing Plugin that gives you the ultimate in flexibility to integrate into your current site.
  41. Download Monitor Download Monitor is a plugin for uploading and managing downloads, tracking downloads, and displaying links.
  42. The Events Calendar Housekeeper Love your database. Keep expired events under control.
  43. Advance WP Query Search Filter Advance WP Query Search Filter let you search through post type, taxonomy and meta field.
  44. Download Monitor Legacy Importer Converts downloads from the legacy 3.0.x versions to the new Download Monitor format (which uses post types).
  45. Simnor Shortcodes Simnor Shortcodes is a user friendly shortcodes plugin, it adds a button to your editor to allow you to add basic shortcodes like buttons and columns
  46. My Shouts A simple shoutbox with accordion option and customizable through admin panel.
  47. SoldPress Get Live MLS® data directly with this WordPress Plugin..
  48. Autoptimize Autoptimize speeds up your website and helps you save bandwidth by aggregating and minimizing JS and CSS.
  49. Banti Album Proofing This plugin allows you to use and manage your client’s albums without ever leaving WordPress.
  50. NextGEN Download Gallery Add a template to NextGEN Gallery that provides multiple-file downloads for trade/media galleries
  51. Login Security Solution Security against brute force attacks by tracking IP, name, password; requiring very strong passwords. Idle timeout. Maintenance mode lockdown.
  52. Double Opt-In for Download Improve your client outreach by offering FREE downloads to your visitors in exchange for their email address with our Double Opt-In Plugin
  53. CSSIgniter Shortcodes This plugin defines and allows you to use a lot of useful shortcodes. Need a button? Sure. A message box? You know we have it.
  54. Post Sorter WordPress plugin for easily sorting of posts or pages by numeric factor.
  55. Geo Mashup Include Google and OpenStreetMap maps in posts and pages, and map posts, pages, and other objects on global maps. Make WordPress into a GeoCMS.
  56. DamarFm AAC+ Flash Player DamarFm AAC+ Flash Player
  57. WordPress Options Easily add options to your products, themes or plugins! Simple to use for designers but still providing powerful features for developers.
  58. Social Media Feather Super lightweight, simple, nice, modern looking and effective social sharing and following buttons and icons on your site without the extra burden
  59. Multi Slider Provides a simple method to add one or more sliders to your website.
  60. Really Static Generates static HTML-files from your Blog. That makes your Blog incredible fast! Better than any other cache.
  61. Tweet, Like, Google +1 and Share A very simple social share plugin with just 5 social icons (Twitter, FB Like, Google +1, Linkedin and FB Share)
  62. Page-Links Plus Adds a “single page” option to Page-Link-tag-generated page lists.
  63. Sort Page List by Last Name Sorts wp_list_pages-generated page lists by last name or, more generally, the last word of any page’s title.
  64. Show Authors in Page List Allows developers to display author names within wp_list_pages-generated page lists.
  65. Advanced Dates Allows publishers to easily customize the publication year of posts and pages.
  66. WP Open Graph This plugin allows you to add Facebook open graph protocol to your blog
  67. CM Download Manager Allow users to upload, manage, track and support documents or files in a directory listing structure for others to use and comment
  68. Widget Manager Light Widget Manager lets you control on which pages widgets appear via nice and easy interface. Show or hide widgets. Display relevant content on your page
  69. WP-jTweets A widget that uses jQuery and Twitter to display a user’s tweets (or can just list the updates). Works with the Twitter API 1.1
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