'The Ultimate Guide To The Wordpress REST API' An Ebook By Josh Pollock
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‘The Ultimate Guide To The WordPress REST API,’ An Ebook By Josh Pollock

Slated for inclusion in 4.4, the WordPress REST API makes development faster and easier by providing a new way to interact with WordPress posts, users, comments, and taxonomies using the popular RESTful API standard — which allows you to create, read, update, and delete the main WordPress objects and provides infrastructure for creating your own custom APIs.

The Ultimate Guide To The WordPress REST API is a WP Engine-sponsored ebook, authored by WordPress developer and Torque contributor Josh Pollock, that provides an in-depth overview of website and application development using the WordPress REST API.

You can download a free copy of the ebook here.

Josh Pollock started writing about the WP REST API for Torque in Aug. 2014. “I learned about the REST API at a WordCamp and went from there,” Josh told Torque. “It’s fun to use WordPress to learn new things and this opened up so many new things to me, so I just kept going with it.”

Josh is the co-founder of CalderaWP and the community manager and contributing developer at the Pods Framework. You can contact him on Twitter at @Josh412 or on his website http://joshpress.net/.

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