What’s New In WordPress: 1/25/2016
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What’s New In WordPress: 1/25/2016

Have a news tip or an upcoming event you’d like to see in our weekly ‘What’s New In WordPress’ roundup? Write us at editor@torquemag.io.

Contributor Weekend: Support Forms : The weekend of Jan. 30-31 marks the first ever worldwide contributor’s day, and it is centered around the Support Team. See how many requests you can answer within the weekend either with a friend or alone.

Early Bird WooConf Tickets Now On Sale: Hurry and get your WooConf tickets at the discounted early bird price. The conference is April 6-8 but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start planning now.

WordPress Revamps Testimonials Page Using #ilovewp: WordPress wants to hear from you. Send in your stories using #ilovewp, and you could be featured on the testimonials page.

How To Fix The WordPress White Screen Of Death: If you haven’t encountered the white screen of death, you’re lucky. If you have, you know how much it sucks. This is how you fix it.

The Future Of The REST API: An Interview With Daniel Bachhuber: A Day of REST is this Thursday, so prepare by hearing from one of the contributors.

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