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WordPress.org Announces First Ever Worldwide Contributor Day

Need plans for next weekend? Gather some developer friends, a computer, and a pizza, and participate in WordPress.org’s first ever worldwide contributor weekend.

Every month, WordPress.org will announce a theme and anyone, regardless of skill level is encouraged to try their hand at contributing. This month, the challenge is centered around the Support Team. You can either gather with a group of people or participate alone, but the objective is to answer 20 questions throughout the weekend. If you don’t get through all 20, that’s okay, just getting your feet wet is enough.

The idea is to try to answer the questions without looking for help, but if you get really stuck, you can get on WordPress contributor support channels, Facebook, Twitter, and of course, ask those around you.  If you still can’t answer them, there will be knowledgeable volunteers at the ready online.

To participate, you’ll need a WordPress.org log-in, a WordPress Slack account, and of course a computer. Add yourself to the tracking spreadsheet, your personal information, and the link to your group’s Meetup site. Go to the support forums, find a request, and answer it with the tag 20Q2016.

The weekend begins Jan. 30 at 2 a.m. UTC and will conclude on the 31. Results will be tallied and posted to the support blog.

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