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Help Grow A WordPress Presence In Karachi, Pakistan

WordPress takes up more than 25 percent of the Internet. This stat is a good representation of how the community of WordPress helped it grow bigger.

Pakistan has been a bit slow in keeping up with the pace of the growing WordPress community around the globe. However, things are about to change. Few WordPress fanatics from all over Pakistan have taken up the responsibility to take WordPress in Pakistan to the next level. For this, we need your support and love.

We are in Karachi and have already initiated the process of making WordPress easier for everyone. We had our first grand meetup on the Jan. 23. Looking at the turnout and support, we are now scheduling the next two sessions and want you to be a part of it as well! Are you in Karachi and want to join the WordPress Meetup?

Before you decide to join, take a look at the local community of WordPress in Karachi.

Why Karachi has a Different WordPress Community?

Karachi is the business hub of Pakistan. People from all over the country come to find jobs and business opportunities in Karachi.

It is one of the largest cities in the world with over 25 million people, and has a growing community of developers, designers, bloggers, and techies. Karachi is also home to some of the biggest communities of freelancers in Pakistan.

Over the past few years, we have been working to connect with the local WordPress community. We tried a lot, but all efforts were in vain — until Oct. 2015 — when the first ever WordPress meetup in Karachi was held.

It was a risk we took, and it paid off. The response was overwhelming, so we decided to go ahead and register the Karachi Meetup with the WordPress Foundation. We were able to get the green signal from the Foundation, which gave us the ground to have our first official WordPress meetup.

Official WordPress Karachi Meetup

The first official WordPress Karachi Meetup was held on the 23rd of January at The Mind Gym – The Nest I/O — with more than 125 attendees. By looking at the response we got, it was a huge success.

For the first session, topics of discussion were WordPress security and WordPress possibilities, delivered by Ahsan Parwez and Usman Khalid, respectively.

Ahsan Parwez was the first one to step up to the podium to talk about WordPress security and how you can safeguard your website against hackers and attackers.

Although we had a designated time for the question and answer session after the talk, the attendees were not willing to wait for it. As soon as Ahsan started the talk, the attendees started raising their hands and the room was soon filled with questions regarding WordPress security. Ahsan answered all the questions asked and gave his expert advice on each.

After Parwez, we had Khalid deliver his talk on WordPress possibilities and how someone with little knowledge can utilize the power of WordPress to make a living. Everyone was so engaged, that it quickly turned into a fruitful conversation about how to integrate WordPress with their projects.

At the end of the sessions, the host of the event took the stage and asked the attendees to share about their contributions to the WordPress community with everyone in attendance. This was done after an ice-breaking session between the attendees.

The meetup ended with refreshments followed by the disbursement of some cool collectibles.

The whole event would have been impossible to host without the help and support of our sponsors, Cloudways, The Nest I/O, and Jehan Ara.

Next Steps

The next WordPress Meetup in Karachi is scheduled for Feb. 27 at The Mind Gym – The Nest I/O. You can join the WordPress Karachi Meetup group for further details.

We are always looking for volunteers to join us in hosting meetups in Karachi. The first meetup had over 125 people, and our team of co-organizers and volunteers dealt with them amazingly. We are sure that we are going to scale in the coming meetups. We need your support to help us handle the meetups.

To volunteer simply fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you.

If you are interested in speaking at the next WordPress Karachi Meetup, then please drop me a message through your account. We will choose the two best talks. Based on the response from the first meetup, we plan on covering more advanced topics in the future.

Likewise, if you are looking to help us by sponsoring the event, then please email us and we’ll evaluate the possibility and get back to you.


WordPress Meetups in Pakistan can be thought of as mini-WordCamps. The WordPress community in Karachi is growing. We have an enthusiastic group of WordPress fanatics who are willing to share their knowledge with fellow WordPressers. All they needed was a platform. We are providing that platform to them. So Karachi, it’s time to step forward, connect, and grow together.

Immad Khan

Immad Uddin Khan loves talking about technology, startups and digital marketing. He loves playing with words, talking to different people from diverse cultures and he is a crazy, CRAZY dreamer! He can write too, about almost anything. You can reach him at his Twitter on @virtuallife13.

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