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Hummingbird, An Optimization And Performance Plugin By WPMU DEV, Now Available For Download

WPMU DEV today released Hummingbird, a performance plugin that addresses many of the issues that slow down your website, including caching, minification, script loading, file compression, and more.

” … it also provides clear and easy to follow instructions on how you can further improve your PageSpeed Insights score, right down to the specific files you need to edit or move to the footer of your site, and even the images you need to compress.”

Hummingbird features a new performance tool that analyzes your site and generates a report to show how well it performs. Providing a score out of 100, it gives recommendations and detailed instructions on how to improve your score.


Although similar to the free reporting tool PageSpeed Insights by Google, WPMU DEV points out that Hummingbird distinguishes itself from the competition by running a report and then “allowing you to check, tweak, and recheck from within the plugin interface.”

Also included in this plugin is 24/7 uptime monitoring capabilities.

“Monitor keeps an eye on your site around the clock and lets you know the second anything goes wrong, including slow response times, server errors, and pages disappearing.”

Hummingbird also includes other functionalities, such as,

  • GZIP compression
  • browser caching
  • minification
  • and image optimization.

Pricing starts at $24.50 per month for an annual plan and goes up to $34.50 per month for a quarterly plan and $49.50 per month for a monthly plan.

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