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WP REST API Will Not Be Included In 4.5

The REST API will not be included in WordPress 4.5, according to an update posted by Adam Silverstein, Senior Web Engineer at 10UP.

“The REST API team’s proposal is to merge the four main endpoints when they are ready, and they are not ready for 4.5,” the post said. “As such, no endpoints are targeted for WordPress 4.5.”

This news comes after last week’s conversation during which Matt Mullenweg said he was uncomfortable merging the REST API until the endpoints were complete. He was referring to the fact that the four default endpoints aren’t ready, even though they are available in the plugin. The conversation ended with the future of the API uncertain, and now it appears the merge is on hold until that can be fixed.

The update directs people to the now infamous Slack conversation if they wish to add questions or comments.

Not including the WP REST API in 4.5 doesn’t necessarily spell death for the project, but it does mean we’ll have to wait a little longer to get it. It could be included with 4.6.

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