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Introducing ‘Do The Woo,’ A Podcast Geared At WooCommerce Shop Owners

Bob Dunn, lovingly known in the WordPress community as BobWP, announced last week a new WooCommerce-centered podcast, Do the Woo.

Geared towards WooCommerce shop owners, the podcast will feature tips and tricks, interviews with users and WooCommerce experts, and news that will affect store owners. Dunn will also give tips on how to use parts of WooCommerce, such as extensions in new and creative ways, so you always keep your shop fresh.

Dunn got the podcast bug five years ago when he attended a local workshop. And then in May 2014, he started his first podcast, WP Breakdown, and it ran until July 2015. Though he loved the format, he realized that he needed to cover something more specific than general WordPress news. Dunn landed on WooCommerce.

Dunn is taking a less technical approach with this podcast and is really focusing on helping shop owners market their products.

“I talked with many of my colleagues and a lot of the feedback I got was that shop owners have the resources they need to learn about all the tech stuff, the next update, the newest plugin, etc. but are more challenged when it comes to helping their online businesses grow with marketing, social and sales,” Dunn told Torque.

Along with tips straight from Dunn, the podcast will also feature interviews from around the Woo community. No names have been released yet but scheduling is in progress.

So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive and Dunn has even received interest in sponsorships.

“I think there is certainly a need out there and it’s now my job to find just the right content to connect with shop owners,” Dunn said.

Do The Woo will be held weekly on Wednesdays — the first episode, The Diversity of expectations around eCommerce, premiered today and is now available. You can listen on the website or download from iTunes.

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