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PageLines Releases New Editing Tool, Platform 5

PageLines, a software and extension company, has released Platform 5 — a tool that allows you to add instant editing, drag-and-drop design, and more to any WordPress based website. The software marries the ease of a drag-and-drop web creation model with the customization of a WordPress theme.

The idea for the software comes from the trap that many devs fall into, which occurs when their clients don’t know enough about web design to really help with the creation and maintenance of their site. Devs end up taking on more than they should. Platform 5 solves this problem by making it easier than ever for even a web beginner to jump in and make changes.

Platform 5 is JavaScript-driven and extension-based, which means you can add as much as you want or take things away without compromising the speed of your site. There are currently 35 extensions live and more are being developed and added.

According to the announcement the core features include, “Real-time content editing engine, drag and drop template design engine, shortcodes and content editing engine, one click extension engine, and theme, profile, and meta settings engines.”

“Platform 5 is engine based, meaning the core system handles key ‘engines,’ which then each get utilized by individual extensions that add things like a slider, carousel, SEO plugin, etc,” the announcement said.

Platform 5 is free to download. Simply log in, then go to and you can download from there. Install it in WordPress just like a plugin and you are ready to go.

Your download comes with a startup guide should you have any questions after adding it, or you can reach out to PageLines support.

What do you think about Platform 5? Are you going to download? Answer in the comments below.

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