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People React To Emoji Reactions Plugin

On Sunday, Gary Pendergast announced his work to bring emoji reaction support to WordPress, and the community had some reactions of its own. As of now, you can download the emoji reaction plugin to allow users to respond to your posts with a smile or frown, rather than a simple thumbs up or thumbs down. The idea is much like the recent changes made to Facebook.

Once the idea of making emojis part of core, the community had some strong opinions. Some were in favor and genuinely excited about the prospect of allowing emojis to be a part of everyday WordPress life.

“I really love this idea simply because it allows people to be more human,” wrote Tammy Lister. “It won’t be something everyone will want, but that’s not the point. Any chance we get to encourage and allow more natural interactions in plugin or core, we should.”

“This seems like it could have amazing potential for core (and if it doesn’t make it, will at least be a great plugin),” Aaron Jorbin said. “It’s innovation like this that shows why WordPress has the highest Net Promotor Score amongst small business owners.”

Users took to Twitter to share their excitement.

Others recognize the necessity of an emoji plugin but couldn’t see the need to merge it with core.

“While this doesn’t seem like core material to me, a canonical and well maintained plugin for handling stuff like this would be great for the community at large,” Alex Mills said.

A small few thought emojis and WordPress is a bad idea altogether, regardless of whether or not it is a part of core.

“This seems like something for a child. Why is this even a consideration?,” Ryan Fugate said.

For now, there are no plans to add emojis to core but you can download the plugin and allow your readers to react as much as they want.

Do you like emoji reactions? Would you want to add them to core or keep them a plugin? Comment down below.

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