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VaultPress: Restore Backup on New Site

VaultPress is continuing to cook up new features on it’s product and this one’s a long time coming: The ability to restore a backup on a new site!

Just imagine the possibilities! You’re transferring old content to a new domain or site or doing a massive migration perhaps for yourself or a client. Or what about moving to a sub-directory even on your current server?

All this is now made possible with a few clicks of the magic button:


Image via VaultPress

This could be a killer feature for those that manage multiple sites and even sites for their customers and clients.

You won’t need too much to get started and you’ll have that “magic” migration or restore power at your fingertips.

Great work VaultPress and keep it coming.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/chriscct7 Chris Christoff

    Or you could save yourself alot of money and just use the free Duplicator plugin. Not sure whats so great about Vaultpress. You can get all of its features for free using 1 or 2 free plugins from the WP repo.

  • http://www.matthewsnider.me Matthew Snider

    I have used this both personally and on a few clients. I LOVE this application!

  • http://ericdye.it Eric Dye

    I just started digging into their feature set. It. Is. Amazing.