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Looks like WP Avengers has taken the next step in their GPL-fueled coup attempt. This link was sent to me a few minutes ago over instant message via Facebook group—it’s original source unknown at this time. Which, by some standards, would make this gossip hearsay.

I followed the link and since it does, in fact, exist, I thought I should share it with you all as “news” (with a little hesitation, admittedly). So take it for what it’s worth, with:


When you go to WP Avenger’s website, all it really says is: “Revolution Starts Soon!” and gives you an option to sign up for updates via email.

So far, the community seems very unimpressed.

WP Avengers touts that the download is free while in beta. Any takers?

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  • http://irez.me/ Vanessa Blaylock

    It’d be amusing if WPA actually came up with something novel. Or unexpected. But I think we all imagine that while WPA talks with all the thunder of Lord Vader telekinetically strangling a faithless general, they’re almost certainly going to be revealed to be less interesting than a sunburnt Anakin Skywalker in his boxer shorts soaking his feet in Epsom salt.

  • ChrisChristoff

    So after scanning through they’re poorly secured site, there’s nothing new they invented. They basically took a bunch of previously written Woo extensions, slapped a new name on it, and Voila! Basically what all the devs said they were going to do (copy the code directy), and not what they said they were going to do (new features, recoded, etc).

    So then the real question is if a mystery person can’t code, why would I want to run that on my or my clients sites. Its just flat out dangerous.

    Anyways, after checking the site, the following WooCommerce extensions will be released from them:

    WooCommerce Product Addons
    WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite
    WooCommerce Advanced AJAX Layered Nav
    WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor
    WooCommerce UPS
    WooCommerce USPS
    WooCommerce Fedex
    WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping
    WooCommerce Brands
    WooCommerce Cart Notices and Offers

    Really it’s what WPAvengers doing here is pathetic. If he’s such a developer, why not write his own extensions? Why not make something new? Why not code (he probably can’t).

  • Bart Pluijms

    I’ve just downloaded and installed the WPA Dashboard and tried to install one of their extensions, but it even doesn’t work! Why should you release something (even if it is in BETA) if it doesn’t work?

  • callmeisaac

    Still ho-hum compared to the Daily.
    The community is not impressed.

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    There are plenty like this like http://woogang.com/ etc.. You can get club membership and regular updates at very reasonable cost.

  • Ananya Zaman

    There are lot of gpl clubs coming up these days, along with those two there are 96down and https://www.nullnix.org/

    I think these clubs are coming up because of few dev’s who are pricing their products so that most of the people can’t purchase. Its ridiculous that you might have to spend about 1500 bucks to run a woocommerce store and yes thats yearly.

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