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The WordPress Weekend Roundup

Every week we wrangle together the best links and content around the web. There’s simply too much going on to report about it all in long-form but we want to make sure that you’re aware of it.

If you’ve got any suggestions or links that we’ve missed (and we know that we have) please let us know in the comments – we have 25 links so don’t forget to click “Next Page”!

We appreciate it guys and love to see all the great content being produced around the globe related to WordPress!


Mark Jaquith

1. Mark Jacquith Interview with WPEngine

Mark shares his thoughts about WordPress, consulting, scaling, and even SEO:

[My least favorite plugin is] probably any of the SEO ones. They have too many options and they reënforce the mindset that everyone needs to be micro-managing their SEO.

Most people haven’t completed the most important SEO task of all: write original, compelling, timely content! Jumping into onto the endless SEO tweaking treadmill is a waste of most people’s time.

Tobias Baldauf

Tobias Baldauf

2. Optimizing NGINX, PHP-FPM+APC and Varnish

Tobias’ settings that he shares will allow you to “easily serve hundreds of thousands of users per day, including brief peaks of up to 100 concurrent users on a ~15$/month machine with only 2 cores and 2GB of RAM.”

Sounds like a plan to me.

Check it out if you’ve got a similar setup or looking to create a new one!

You need a parachute when you jump out of a plane.

You need a parachute when you jump out of a plane.

3. Advice on Contracts with Clients

This couldn’t get more practical, especially for those that do contract work with clients.

Get your translation on!

Get your translation on!

4. Translation Projects via GlotPress

We need help translating all the neat applications and technology that’s powering WordPress. Jump on it!


5. Mobile Dev Chat Summary for December 12th

Curious to see what’s going on in mobile? Jump in.

Mike Epstein

Mika Epstein

6. Interview with Mika Epstein

A wonderful interview via Code Poet, a gal who totally knows how to help others.

7. Matt Mullenweg on Meetings and Chat

Zach Holman writes on how chat is superior to meetings for most things that businesses do. From the description, Github sounds extremely similar to how Automattic operates.

We’ve been going a slightly different direction though: after 7 years of essentially no meetings, many teams have started to incorporate more regular Google Hangouts in addition to their few-time-a-year in-person meetups.

I’m curious to see how these evolve, right now my theory is these are largely to restore some of the social connectedness you lose when working remotely, with the pleasant side benefit of occasionally knocking out issues or decisions that high-bandwidth communication can facilitate better.


8. A Lawyer’s Home Base is a Blog

Hey. Real lawyers have blogs. Get with the program!

9. The Otto And Nacin Show

I suppose the title says it all:

10. Where WordPress Download Count Comes From

Ryan shares his napkin math about the download count for WordPress.


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