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Creative Market Goes GPL, UpThemes, Themify

The Creative Market, a very neat looking marketplace that has a very Etsy-like feel to it, has announced that they are in full compliance with the GPL moving from their original single license called SimpleLicense.

But it wasn’t GPL compatible which had lead to some changes:

But we also recognize that not all products on Creative Market are alike, especially when it comes to WordPress themes. That’s why starting today, all WordPress themes sold on Creative Market will come with a 100% GPL license.

WordPress itself was built on (and would not have been possible without) the GPL license, which works to ensure rights and freedoms that the entire community can benefit from, and we’re proud to offer these same freedoms to our WordPress customers.

Well done guys and I know that more than a few are glad to have you on the same team. We know that GPL has been a tricky subject lately but it should help those that were confused find greater alignment and even value.

In addition to their announcement they shared that UpThemes and Themify are joining the family by offering their products directly through the network.



The pricing is the same (e.g. UpThemes’ sell for $39 on both Creative Market and directly on their website) but the former will take 30% leaving the theme company the remaining 70%. This strategy is one of both marketing and reach as marketplaces have a host of users, sometimes much greater than the theme seller by itself.

Congrats on things moving forward for both companies and we hope to hear only positive business relations on the success of all those involved!

[via ThemeShaper]

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