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Official WordPress.com Theme Guide Released

ThemeShaper has officially announced the release of the first installment of WordPress.com’s Theme Guide! This is pretty much a must-read resource for those engaging with WordPress Theming, especially if you plan on working on some that might be commercial.

Michael Fields’ describes how this makes a lot of sense considering how valuable organic conversation over the years is difficult to parse through for those seeking best practices or practical advice of theming. And, of course, it’s nearly impossible to weed through it so as to make sure that you’re not asking a question that’s already been answered!

Our peer reviews focus on a mixture of three areas: code quality, usability, and discovery of theme-specific anomalies. Over the years, our review process has grown organically.

When we discover a new issue we will generally post about it to an internal P2-powered website for team discussion.

While this process works really well, it can be a bit time-consuming to navigate through three years’ worth of posts to find an isolated conversation about a particular issue.

Thus the release of an official place for documentation, best practices, and practical how-tos.


You’ll want to bookmark this site for your use in the future. Well done guys and thanks so much for your consolidation efforts!

Check it out today and let them know your thoughts on the announce post.

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