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Better Tools Make Better WordPress Developers

The 13th century French proverb “mauvés ovriers ne trovera ja bon hostill” roughly translates to “a bad workman will never find a good tool.” I’m sure at the time this proverb applied to stone masons and carpenters. Few would have imagined that it would also apply to web developers pushing bits around on a screen centuries later.

It’s unlikely that you are “a bad workman.” You are reading this article afterall. You’re probably looking for a new tool to help you with WordPress development. High performing web developers don’t do that.

In his reveting WordCamp San Diego 2013 talk, the “Done Done” man himself, Chris Lema describes the search for better tools as one of the keys to being a high performer.

High performing WordPress developers actively look to improve the tools in their belt. If a tool could help them but doesn’t exist, they build it. It’s in their nature. It’s an itch that gets worse with time and eventually needs to be scratched.

Think Linus Torvalds with Git. Or in the WordPress world, Scribu with posts-to-posts and wp-cli.

Ideally when you go fishing for a tool, you hook yourself an awesome one that already exists and you can start using it right away. Today, I just so happen to be releasing a tool that you may have been fishing for already but came up empty.

Introducing WP Migrate DB Pro

WP Migrate DB Pro is a pro (paid) upgrade to the popular free plugin WP Migrate DB. The free plugin has been available on since 2009 and has gained in popularity in recent years, receiving lots of enthusiastic reviews from developers.

Enthusiastic Review

The free plugin allows you to export your database, does a find and replace on URLs and file paths (handles serialized data), then allows you to save it to your computer.

The pro version includes this feature, but also enables you to select which tables you’d like to export, do more find and replacing, and shows progress as the export runs.

But the big new feature in the pro version is the ability to push and pull the database from one WordPress install to another. With the free plugin, you need to manually import the exported SQL file. Pushing and pulling eliminates this step, saving you from messing around with phpMyAdmin or the command line. This is the time savings high performers are always looking for.

Anyways, enough talk, let’s see the goods. The following video shows how effortless it is to update a local development database with the data from a live site using this new plugin:

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