100 WordPress Influencers to Follow in 2015
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100 WordPress Influencers to Follow in 2015

2015 is looming near, and there are a lot of expectations from the new WordPress releases in the pipeline. With the ever-increasing popularity and demand, it is anticipated that the year 2015 will see a complete overhaul in the WordPress ecosystem, with WordPress becoming a truly responsive application framework.

Surely, there will be progress on the core coding practices, with new plugins and themes being developed by the core development team. Three people who inspired us all with their unrelenting and untiring efforts to make WordPress a huge success in 2014 are:

  • Andrew Nacin (Lead for WordPress 3.9)
  • Helen Hou-Sandi (Lead for WordPress 4.0)
  • John Blackbourn (Lead for WordPress 4.1)

To appreciate them and the other inspiring personalities of WordPress, I have compiled a list of 100 WordPress influencers and followed them all.

We will learn the new updates about the code and community in 2015. I hope you find pleasure in following these influencers as much as I enjoyed in developing this list.

Note: All names are listed in alphabetical order: 

Adam Mills is a graphic artist with a passion for effective design. He’s interested in all areas of design, with a particular enthusiasm for WordPress.

Adam Warner is the co-founder of FooPlugins. He is also a WordPress plugin developer.

Ahsan Parwez is the community manager at Cloudways. He is a tech loving guy and knows much about SEO.

A.J. Zane is an admin of the Advanced WordPress group on Facebook. He is also behind organizing the Front End Authority Meetup.

Alex Vasquez is helping businesses get more business by creating delightful functional experiences with WordPress. He also manages the Advanced WordPress group on Facebook.

Amber Weinberg  is a freelance WordPress and front-end developer.

Andrea Middleton manages WordCamp central. She’s also a dot organizer at Automattic.

Andrew Nacin is a lead developer for the WordPress open-source project.

Angie Meeker is the organizer of WordCamp Columbus.

Ansel Taft is a WordPress website developer and CSS enthusiast. He also manages the Advanced WordPress group on Facebook.

Ben Fox is the co-founder of sidekick.pro, FlowPress, and WPUniversity.com

Ben Lobaugh is the developer lead at WebDevStudios. He is also the editor of the WordPress.org Plugin Developer Handbook.

Bob Dunn is a WordPress trainer. He also organizes WordCamp Seattle.

Brad Williams is a founder of WebDevStudios and AppPresser. He is also a host on the podcast, DradCast.

Brandon Lavigne is an interactive developer at Caava Design.

Brian Bourn is the co-founder of Bourn Creative.

Bryce Adams is a WordPress developer and a WC Ninja at WooThemes.

Carrie Dils is the WordPress Developer and uses WordPress Genesis Framework.

Chris Lema is a daily blogger at chrislema.com. He is also the Chief Strategist at Crowd Favorite.

Chris Perryman is the founder of Revelation Concept, which is now updated to Mind Blowing Things. She also manages the Advanced WordPress Facebook group.

Chris Wiegman is a developer at iThemes.

Connor Turner runs Aramdillio Studios. He has also co-organized WordCamp NYC.

Cory Miller is the founder of iThemes, Backup Buddy, iThemes Exchange, and iThemes Security.

Courtney Robertson is a WordPress website developer and trainer.

Dan Beil is a software developer at Alley Interactive. He is also a WordPress enthusiast.

Dave Bergschneider is the CEO and founder of CMS Code, Inc.

David Bisset is the organizer of WordCamp Miami, and a WordPress/BuddyPress developer.

Devesh Sharma is the founder of WP Kube. He also manages the blog of Zippy Magazine.

Devin Price is the founder of WordPress theme shop, DevPress.com.

Devin Walker is the founder of WordImpress. He is also the moderator of the Advanced WordPress group on Facebook.

Dustin Hartzler is a WordPress enthusiast and a happiness engineer at Automattic.

Emily White is a WordPress and GenesisWP designer.

George Stephanis is a WordPress core contributor. He’s also leads the Jetpack team at Automattic.

Glenn Ansley is a WordPress plugin developer with iThemes and iThemes Exchange.

Heather Steele is the founder of Blue Steele Solutions. She is the moderator at Advanced WordPress group on Facebook.

Helen Hou-Sandí is the team lead for WordPress 4.0 and the director of platform experience at 10up.

Jason Resnick is a WordPress developer and consultant.

Jason Tucker does podcasts with WordPress influencers at WP Watercooler.

Jean Galea is the man behind WP Mayor and WP RSS Aggregator.

Jeff Chandler is the founder and contributing writer at WP Tavern.

Jen Mylo works with Automattic as a community manager and works on open source projects.

Jennifer Bourn is the creative director, digital strategist, and WordPress evangelist at Bourn Creative.

Jessica Barnard is a graphic and web designer specializing in business branding and WordPress web development for women-owned businesses.

Jill Binder organizes WordCamp Vancouver and WordPress website developer.

Joe Casabona is a front-end developer at Crowd Favorite. He’s also an author of responsive design at WordPress.

John Blackbourn is the lead developer of WordPress 4.1 and open source lover.

John Hawkins is a partner at 9seeds and a WordPress developer.

John James Jacoby is the project lead for BuddyPress & bbPress. He’s also a WordPress contributor and BackPress supporter.

Joost de Valk is the CEO and founder of Yoast.

Julian Fernandes is a WordPress consultant and Genesis developer working on awesome nerd things at Copyblogger Media.

Kevin Muldoon is a WordPress blogger, fanatic and website developer.

Kim Doyal is helping people building their WordPress digital strategy. She also engages with the WordPress community with her StudioPress Genesis tutorials.

Konstantin Kovshenin is a WordPress developer at Automattic and a core contributor to WordPress.

Konstantin Obenland is a code wrangler at Automattic, and a WordPress core contributor.

Konstantin Yelin is the founder of largest WordPress aggregation website, WP Clipboard.

Leland Fiegel is a WordPress developer. He runs WPChat and co-organizes WordPress DC.

Lisa Sabin Wilson is a co-owner of WebDevStudios, and a founder of AppPresser. She’s also the author of WordPress For Dummies.

Manasseh Copinger is a WordPress website developer and community lover

Mari Kane is a speaker at WordCamp Vancouver and also writes at Blogsite Studio.

Marie Dodson is an editor and writer at TorqueMag.io.

Mark Jaquith is a passionate Web developer and WordPress lover.

Marty Thornley is a WordPress developer who specializes in websites for creative professionals.

Matt Cromwell is the lead developer at WordImpress. He also manages the Advanced WordPress group on Facebook.

Matt Medeiros interviews folks who make a living using WordPress on the Matt Report.

Megan Fister is the owner and WordPress website designer at Erebus Website Design.

Michael Bastos is the founder of the Advanced WordPress group on Facebook. He is also the Software Engineer at MojoPages.

Michelle Schulp is the owner at Marktime Media. She also contributed in organizing WordCamps.

Mike Little is the co-founder of WordPress, and the founder and director of zed1.com .

Natalie MacLees is the founder of Purple Pen Productions. She is the moderator of Advanced WordPress group on Facebook.

Nick Adams is the web designer, digital media blogger and founder of Revault Meda.

Nile Flores is a WordPress web & graphic designer and a WordCamp Conference speaker

Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, WPLift, ThemeFurnace, and DesignersTalk.

Pippin Williamson is a WordPress plugin developer.

Rebecca Collins is working with Automattic as global events manager.

Rhys Wynne is the lead WordPress developer at Fire Cask and the developer of WPEmailCapture.

Robert Neu is the director of digital strategy at wpsitecare.

Russell Aaron is a WordPress developer and support expert.

Ryan D. Sullivan one of the organizers of LoopConf.

Ryan Hellyer is a WordPress enthusiast and writes about technology.

Sarah Gooding is a writer for WP Tavern and a journalist at Audrey Capital.

Sarah Pressler is an Advisor at HappyJoeInc, helping veterans build their own WordPress businesses. She is an enthusiastic WordPress community member and a solid resource for helping friends find work at home jobs in the WordPress economy.

Scott Wyden is a photographer, blogger, author, and educator. He works for NextGenGallery and Photocratti.

Sé reed helps small business owners develop and implement ideas through code, content and communication, usually involving WordPress.

Shawn Hesketh is the creator of WP101.com

Stephen Carnam is the founder of ServerPress. He is also the moderator of Advanced WordPress group on Facebook.

Steve Zehngut is the CTO of Zeek Interactive

Susanne Friedrich is a WordPress geek and website developer. She is also anowner at Red Princess Productions.

Suzette Franck is a web designer, front-end developer, and WordPress evangelist

Syed Balkhi is the creator of WPbeginner.

Thomas McMahon is a web developer for The Nerdery.

Thomas Scholz is the moderator of WordPress Stackexchange and manager of the  largest WordPress group on Google+.

Timothy Wood is a professional lawyer. He uses WordPress and Jquery to build several things.

Tom Ewer is the founder of beginnerblogging.netand leavingworkbehind.com.

Tom Harrigan is a WordPress developer and a senior developer at Code and Theory. He is also the co-Founder of Rootbuzz.

Tom J. Nowell is a VIP wrangler at Automattic

Tom McFarlin runs Pressware. He is also a WordPress core contributor.

Tony Perez is the Co-Founder and CEO at Sucuri, Inc.

William Adams is a professional lawyer who loves open source and WordPress.

Yaron Guez is the director of technology at Trestian.

These 100 WordPress influencers are just one click away. I will be arranging them in a Twitter list as a work in progress — I would love to hear from you all about the best WordPress people you follow, who aren’t mentioned in this list!

Syed Waseem Abbas

Syed Waseem Abbas is currently working as Community Manager and Writer for Envira Gallery. He is also a WordPress problem solver and active member of the WordPress Community.

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