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NonprofitWP: How To Build A Nonprofit Site From Start To Finish

A couple weeks ago, Mark Root-Wiley released his guide to WordPress geared toward nonprofit organizations, and now he is trying to get the resource in the hands of burgeoning or established nonprofits. NonprofitWP is an easy-to-follow tutorial for setting up a professional-looking site while keeping the costs low.

“A good WordPress website is easy to manage and maintain, but a bad one is time consuming and expensive to maintain,” Root-Wiley said on his blog. “Making smart decisions when you get started with a new WordPress site is key to avoiding headaches later.”

The site walks you through domain and hosting, themes and plugins, and how to maintain your site once it is created. Simply follow through the steps and you’ll have a site ready to go live.

Root-Wiley has been making websites for nonprofits since 2010 and noticed a lack of information about WordPress that targets the demographic. While most of the information for building a website is all the same, it’s important to have resources dedicated to nonprofit plugins, working with volunteers, and potential nonprofit discounts — all of which are covered by the site.

A nonprofit website needs to be easy to use and cheap. WordPress is a great option that meets those two requirements if used correctly.

“WordPress’s low price, relative ease of use, and popularity — meaning lots of current and potential staff members may already be familiar with it — makes it a fantastic choice for many nonprofits,” Root-Wiley told Torque. “Those are all things that keep the website out of the way of the core work a nonprofit does to improve the world.”

Though the site has only been life for a couple weeks, Root-Wiley has received positive feedback.

This resource comes ahead of The Nonprofit Technology Conference beginning March 23 in San Jose. The conference will feature an entire day dedicated to WordPress and provide information for beginners and experienced devs.

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