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Unsurprisingly WordPress Is Great For Small Business

WordPress is the most trusted software for small business according to Alignable’s SMB Index. The study chose 25 national companies and judged them based on the Net Promoter scale. The scale asks one question “how likely is that you would recommend our company/product/services to a friend or colleague?” This is the first time the company has released its findings to the public.

WordPress Is Great For Small Business

The study included other CMSs as well. Each business was given a number between 0-100, with WordPress receiving a 73, Wix a negative 7, and SquareSpace 11. This study doesn’t come as much of a surprise seeing that WordPress now powers more than 25 percent of the Internet. Looking at W3 Techs usage statistics, this is well above Squarespace with 0.4 percent and Wix with 0.2 percent.

Alignable CEO Eric Groves attributes the high score to the community.

“I knew it was a great platform, but I didn’t know that their following was that ravenous,” Grove said.

Because the study is based solely on referrals, it is the people that use WordPress who are making it so global. With events WordCamps, niche conferences, and even online meetings through the WP Slack channel, WordPress keeps itself more accountable than other companies on the list.

It Can Grow With You

The community has also done a great job of debunking popular myths about WordPress, such as a lack of security and support. The constant work of the community talking about WordPress and showcasing its power has helped grow the CMS substantially in the last few years.

Say you start a personal blog centered around parenting and it starts to pick up and the site gains more and more traffic. With WordPress, you don’t have to worry about graduating to a new site as your audience grows, it will grow with you and your interests.

There are also hundreds of free plugins and themes that keep your site fresh and innovative while not breaking the bank.

These are the very reasons WordPress is great for small business and big businesses alike and why it will soon grow to control another 25 percent of the Internet.

Would you recommend WordPress to a friend or colleague? Do you think this score is an accurate representation of WordPress? Comment down below. 

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