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DevPress Releases v0.2 of New Dashboard Look

We shared the news a little while ago about Tung Do’s DP Dashboard and it got a lot of attention as well as both a handful of “heck yeahs!” and “um, I hate this” responses.

Tung has taken all of that on the chin and responded very positively, continuing to move forward in his project and taking the great pieces of feedback that was received in the v0.1 release.

This one, called Haymaker, sees an incredible update with the design and actually does see some “Wow!” factor in terms of look and feel. This new admin theme, called Hunter, see auto-updates, media uploader design changes, custom CSS,  and more.

The main focus was the fact that this is no longer an admin overwrite of CSS – it is the admin CSS. You won’t see a flash of the default design when you refresh. In addition, other developers will be able to modify the DP Dashboard much easier. Check out some neat screens he’s shared after the jump:

What do you think of Tung’s v0.2?

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  • http://cliffseal.com Cliff Seal

    Ok, now he’s getting somewhere! I’m digging the edit post view.

  • http://eatingrichly.com Eric J

    Looks really neat! I like the idea of single tasking a lot. I am a bit confused that he is charging $40 for a 0.2 product why not call it 2.0 then i wouldn’t feel so weird that it is so expensive.

    • http://devpress.com/ Tung Do

      It’s just to stay consistent with WordPress’s version-ing, updating by every 0.x.

  • Ed

    Tung is not selling the DP Dashboard for $40. He is selling memberships to DevPress for $40 a year which gives you access to the dashboard plugin, all themes, documentation, support and updates.

    The plugin looks promising.

    • http://eatingrichly.com Eric J

      Good to know Ed, thanks!

  • http://www.churchpr.es Dallas

    This looks pretty awesome and I want to buy it. Unfortunately, seven screenshots won’t do the trick. I looked on the actual website but didn’t see a live preview anywhere. Did I just look over it or is there not one?

    • http://devpress.com/ Tung Do

      I’ve been testing several options to set up a secured live admin demo. I’ll get one up soon.

      • http://www.churchpr.es Dallas

        Awesome! I will be sure to keep up and check it out when you have something up.

        • http://devpress.com/ Tung

          The demo’s up. Go to the plugin’s home page and follow the link. I’m not linking to it here as it might get caught in spam.

  • Gabe

    Man, it’d be nice if there was a separate plan to buy the plugin and not the themes. $40 is expensive just for the plugin since I can’t use any of your themes.