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WP Test: An Exhaustive Set of Test Data

Michael Novotny, who runs QA for 8BIT, launched a new site during his session this weekend at WordCamp Atlanta called WP Test. As Michael explains, WP Test uses “a fantastically exhaustive set of test data to measure the integrity of your plugins and themes.”

WP Test will run your themes and plugins though the gauntlet and show you visually where your blog survives and where it breaks. WP test is built off of the WordPress Theme Unit Test Codex as well as 3 years of experience in plugin and theme support, corner cases included.

Download it today!

Download it today!

It will run your site through every post format, every media type, every widget and more. It is incredibly thorough. Want to see it in action? You can check out a demo of WP Test here to see just how thorough it is.

Check out the demo to see all the WP Test has to offer.

Check out the demo to see all the WP Test has to offer.

If you like what you see you can download the test files, follow the installation instructions and run it on your WordPress site. It’s free of charge too, which is fantastic.

Michael has also put WP Test on Github so the community can help improve and add to it. So if you’re on Github and see any potential improvements for WP Test, help out the community by adding to the project.

Both the WP Test site and demo are built off of Standard Theme, but the test itself is theme-agnostic, meaning it will work on any WordPress theme. This, plus the free cost, makes WP Test something that everyone should take advantage of.

Why wouldn’t you want to make sure your WordPress site is healthy? If you want to be able to throw everything at your WordPress site and know confidently that it will be able to handle the load, head over to WP Test today and let it put your WordPress site through its paces.

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  • http://www.chipbennett.net Chip Bennett

    Awesome stuff.

    I’d welcome any or all of the additional unit test data to be incorporated into the official Theme Unit Test data.

    • http://manovotny.com Michael Novotny

      Chip Bennett : :

      I am not against WP Test data making it’s way back into the official Theme Unit test data, but the process to contribute to the test data is not very clear.

      I explain this as one of the core reasons I created WP Test to begin with.

      • http://www.chipbennett.net Chip Bennett


        Unfortunately, right not it’s not an especially easy process. But, if you can pass a WXR file my way, I can push your updates into the unit tests directly.

        (In the future, I hope to find a better way to manage the unit test data; for now, we work with the tools we have.)

        • http://www.chipbennett.net Chip Bennett

          Oh, wait. Never mind; it’s on GitHub. :)

          • http://manovotny.com Michael Novotny

            Exactly. 😉

  • http://www.chrisrouse.us Chris Rouse

    I noticed an issue with the Twitter excerpt yesterday. When it was on the current post page I was looking at, the page kept trying to load and the activity widget in Standard wouldn’t load. There was some call going out to the Google API site according to Chrome’s status bar. When I remove that post the rest of the page loaded right up with problem. Everything else looks great and gives a solid set of data to work with.

    • http://manovotny.com Michael Novotny

      Chris Rouse : :

      Interesting… I have never seen this issue.

      The Twitter embed is all on WordPress’ end. There should be nothing about the test data that would cause this, but I will keep my eyes open for anything fishy.

      Thanks for letting me know!

  • http://everchangingmedia.com Jason Bradley


  • http://www.blogaid.net MaAnna

    Holy moly! What a great resource. I’ll be getting this for sure. I do site reviews and what a super tool to allow clients to see for themselves how well their site is performing.

    • http://manovotny.com Michael Novotny

      MaAnna : :

      Glad this will help out your workflow! :)

  • http://OfficeTo-Go.com Cyndi Papia

    Wow, great tool. How nice of you to offer it for free – now, that’s paying it forward. Thank you!

    • http://manovotny.com Michael Novotny

      Cyndi Papia : :

      You’re welcome! :)

      I explain the reasons why I decided to release it for free, amongst my other reasons for creating WP Test.

  • http://pinterestplugin.com Phil Derksen

    As I have plugins that run on the front end of so many sites with so many themes, this is an awesome resource.

    Looks like Jetpack just announced their dev mode well.


    Thanks for the awesome resource Michael!