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WordPress Now Powers 17% of the Top 1MM Sites on the Web

I’m loving this recent news via Matt Mullenweg as he talks with Om Malik of GigaOM via LeWeb Paris 2012.

Matt names two things in particular that have been created this opportunity:

  1. It’s about responsibility.
  2. It’s about creating a sustainable business (Automattic).

In second way that enables it to stay “large and independent” which I hope that Matt and his team can continue to do. 

matt mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg, LeWeb 2012

It’s also worth noting Matt’s comments about the recent Twitter and Instagram conflict where he mentions that great companies, like Apple, focus on the user and build great products with them in mind first.

Kevin Kystrom, the CEO of Instagram, said the following:

This is an evolution of just where we are and where we want links from our content to go. … This is not a consequence of us getting acquired. This is a consequence of us doing the best thing for our business at this time.

This clearly shows Instagram’s proprietary nature and focus on their bottom-line which is categorically opposed to the open source model. In fact, Matt shares that this is WordPress’ primary competitive advantage:

We’re kind of of Swiss – we aren’t owned by Google or Facebook or anything like that. We can work with all of them, which is our competitive advantage. … We work with all of them. … This is what users want.

The 20 minute interview is worth listening to insofar as hearing, from the horse’s mouth, the future of WordPress and how it’s differentiating itself from the other major internet titans.

What are some of your thoughts on this interview? Agree or disagree?

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