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What is ManageWP Cooking Over There?

ManageWP, a well-known management solution for WordPress, announced that they’ve got an interesting “community project” that they are launching in 26 days or so.

It’s because they love WordPress (no fooling) and is one way to help foster greater community around their neat new initiative.

There’s nothing more than that outside of a new domain, ManageWP.org (notice the .org) and a landing page where you can sign up for more information:


It appears to be somewhat of a newsy-ish website with a bit of Pinterest-ish type layout, or columns? Perhaps it’s a curated news site of feeds, which wouldn’t be innovative in the slightest but could be a neat resource for some.

We’ll just have to see and wait what they cook up – any guesses from your end?

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  • donnacha

    My guess: a WordPress news site on exactly the same basis as wpmu.org – pay freelance bloggers to create an authoritative news source into which you can insert articles promoting your products and, hopefully, control your readers’ perceptions of the WordPress Eco-system.

    Advertising and affiliate commissions are expensive, freelance writers are cheap and it is important to control the flow of information if you are selling a relatively expensive subscription service with a growing number of competitors.

    Management services are extremely useful but customers are less tied in than, say, the users of a theme or plugin subscription club – if you have used those in active websites you actually need to access to updates, whereas it is relatively easy to switch management services. So, creating a stronger culture around their service, as wpmudev have done, is a smart move.

  • donnacha

    The Pinterest style is intended to distinguish them from the existing WP news sites and create initial buzz but I expect they’ll revert to a more traditional look by the time they launch, or soon after.

    • http://john.do/ John Saddington

      yikes… do you have an “inside” scoop? ;O

  • https://managewp.com Vladimir Prelovac

    Neither is true, but this is fun :)

    • http://john.do/ John Saddington

      so give us some deets!

    • http://www.WordSkill.com donnacha

      Wow, really, not news-related?!

      Well, then, whatever it is, it is certainly intriguing.

      My only other guess, and it would be amazing but I’m not even sure if this would be technically possible, would be if ManageWP provided some sort of centralized, highly-visual CONTENT dashboard, making it easy to oversee content from multiple contributors across a network of, for instance, a dozen sites.

      I could imagine that being a valuable tool that competitors would find hard to replicate.

      Just to be clear, anything I say is only a guess, based upon the single image provided, I’d love to hear other guesses :)