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The WordPress Weekend Roundup

Wow. Another crazy week in the land of WordPress and we’ve been at the very center of some big conversations.

It’s been a fantastic experience to see the community pull out all the stops to support each other around licensing and the GPL. With Collis Ta’eed’s response in regards to Envato’s stance as well as a much more clear look at the differences between Automattic and the WordPress Foundation things are starting to settle and we’re starting to get back to business as usual.

Actually, let’s be honest – it’s always been business as usual and most of us haven’t lost any sleep over the matters. It’s just been a nice distraction in the mix of the mundane and normal, right?

Well, in typical roundup style, here are some of the top posts that we didn’t get to cover extensively but that may be worth your attention:

1. bbPress 2.3 Beta 2

bbPress sees another update toward a final release.


2. Remove Old Core Files via Maor Chasen

This plugin’s importance can’t be understated. Even if you have some other solution to doing this you must remove outdated old core files!



3. WordPress in the Newsroom

Daniel Bachhuber shares a few thoughts on how the big news outlets are seeing WordPress and shares his presentation recently to them:

The alt-weeklies industry is in a situation very similar to what I saw in college media a few years back: one proprietary CMS dominates, editorial workflow is MS Word to InDesign to web, and most of the focus is on print. It was a bit of déjà vu.

Fortunately, everyone is also super enthusiastic about the web — no curmudgeons in the audience.

For the AANDigital Conference

For the AANDigital Conference


Yes, I made this myself.

4. Y U NO Responsive Header?!

Just for kicks. Jen Mylo will help us get there!

Don’t worry, we’re in the same boat here at WP Daily as we do not even have a responsive layout, yet.

But, we don’t have a “Jen Mylo” kicking our butts to get stuff into gear – I bet will get theirs done before we do.

All good.

5. Justin Tadlock Quits WordPress, Becomes a Chef

With these skills, why not?

Another post, just for kicks but I will say that I it is neat to see some of the “other sides” of people as they care to share them.

You know, most of us have much bigger lives than just WordPress, right?

Oh wait… no, some of us do not.

Skills to pay the bills.

Skills to pay the bills.

6. Legalities of Creating a (WordPress) Business

Adam W. Warner shares his process of creating a new business which can apply to not just WordPress.

via Adam Warner

via Adam Warner

7. Browser Trends Shows IE10 Growing, Fast

Internet Explorer, wah?

via Sitepoint

via Sitepoint

8. Programmer Friendly CSS Frameworks

We shared the introduction of Unsemantic recently and here are a few more.


9. Sharpening Your Competitive Edge with UX and 8 UX Design Trends

Two posts listed above from UX Mag that knocked it out of the park for UX-related news. Get your study on!

via UX Mag

via UX Mag

10. Pippin Asks for More Collaboration

I think some of Pippin’s points here are well-stated. I don’t agree with all of it but the premise is sound.


11. iThemes and Meetups, Part 2

We shared how they were doing Part 1 on the last Roundup. Great advice on this one for sure!


12. Draft using Version Control via Nathan Kontny

This is a very interesting concept:

As a writer, I’ve been very annoyed at my options for version control. Software like iCloud and Google Docs end up saving a lot of arbitrary junk making it very hard to find an old draft that has that certain paragraph I ended up deleting and now want back.

And when I share a Google Doc with someone to help edit it, they overwrite my master copy making it insanely difficult to accept individual changes they’ve made.

A lot of folks try to end up learning Git, which is a popular version control system used by software developers. It really is a great tool if you’re in software development. But even as a developer it’s full of headaches. Writers don’t need all this added complexity and overhead to manage versions of their work.

Draft solves this. Draft is a distraction free editor that auto-saves as you type.


via Nate Kontny

via Nate Kontny

13. WP Engine Interviews Sharon Schanzer

I love these interviews.


14. WordCamp Norway Has Awesome T-Shirts

I mean, seriously. Look at these bad boys:

via Scribu

via Scribu

15. WordPress VIP Responsive Mobile Examples

Because we all need a few more examples to learn from:


16. Do or Do Not – There is No Try!

Chris Lema drops the wisdom on blogging and just getting it done!

via Chris Lema

via Chris Lema

17. WP Engine Beta Tester?

Want to help them test out their system?


18. How Some Tech-Savvy Teachers are Using WordPress

We believe that education is going to be an even larger part of what we do here at WP Daily.



19. Approaches to WordPress Theme Development by Philip Arthur Moore

Code Poet yet again brings some awesomeness via Philip who celebrated his first full year at Automattic late last year.

Killer stuff here folks.

via Code Poet

via Code Poet

20. 7 Tips to Theme Development by Konstantin Kovshenin

A great companion piece to Philip’s above!


21. CodePen Embed for WordPress

Now this is a sweet embed plugin to showcase code!

via Codepen

via Codepen

22. How to Make a Useful Plugin

via Sitepoint and 99Designs’ own Michael De Wildt.


23. Customer Happiness Report via WooThemes

A good look at what WooThemes is doing to keep their customers really happy. Well worth a review if you own a theme business or thinking of starting your own.

via WooThemes

via WooThemes

24. Open Source Profit Sharing?

Our very own Tom McFarlin shares his thoughts on making money with open source.


25. WordPress CDN Services

WPLift shares some of the more well-known sources for content delivery networks.

via WP Lift

via WP Lift

26. The Maine Learning Network Built on BuddyPress

Again, another focus on education using BuddyPress this time.


27. Developers Guide to Using Free Plugins

Sitepoint gives one perspective. This is actually something our team discussed on the upcoming next Hello Dolly podcast.


28. Themes vs Plugins Debate

This thing is looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong but it will entertain a few of you.

Video embedded here:

29. Overview of a Design and Development Project

Tammy brings it with showcasing her process by which she creates something out of nothing.

via Tammy Hart

via Tammy Hart

30. Top 7 In-Demand Skills for 2013

Guess what’s on the list? That’s right, PHP.


31. Restaurant Websites Continue to Grow on

Probably shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s getting big ya’ll.



32. Software Craftsmanship

I. love. this.


33. Brian Gardner is an Addict

… to redesign. As am I.

via Brian Gardner

via Brian Gardner

34. Plugin Boilerplates

Because this matters! Getting started faster and more efficiently with your next WordPress Plugin.

via Nettuts

via Nettuts

35. Neil Liefer on

Apparently this is a favorite of Matt too.


36. VideoPress for Weddings?

Why not. It could save you a lot of time, money, and… it’s on WordPress.


37. Helen Hou-Sandi Interview at Code Poet

The more I see of Helen’s work the more I understand how freakin’ hard it is to be good at this junk. Girl has skills people.

via Code Poet

via Code Poet


What did we miss?

More WordPress News From Torque:

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