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The WordPress Weekend Roundup

Yet another incredibly busy week for us at WP Daily and the rest of the 8BIT team – as much as we hate to admit it, we’re still somewhat recovering from WordCamp Atlanta that finished a few weeks ago – all those calls and meetings and things that we had hoped to get done were pushed back and we’re finally knocking them out, one-by-one.

But we’ll get there. I’m sure of it.

Without further ado, here’s a look at the past week and some of the stories that we weren’t able to cover explicitly:

1. It’s Like Instagram, But for WordPress, and You Own Everything

A few short weeks ago I introduced a new project called Pressgram, via Kickstarter and I’ve been working hard to share it with others and get the word out. It’s been an incredible experience and one that, in and of itself, has taught me a whole lot about marketing (I’m not a marketer…).

The Next Web gave us coverage this morning which was very awesome.


Oh, and if you haven’t seen the new amazing trailer that a friend helped create then you’ve missed out!

Thanks to those that have helped me personally with their tweets, status updates, and pledges. That means a big deal to me.

2. Meeting Matt Mullenweg and Smallest Fan

Some thoughts on what it was like to meet Matt and what the “smallest fan” means.


Great 8 Creative

The site appears to be down but I’m sure they’ll get it figured out.

3. Sponsor Multiple WordCamp Events?

Yes, you sure can.

Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Program

4. 3 New Partners in the VIP Program

A look at these three that just got a serious partner in Automattic.


5. Pippin and Extensions

He shares his reasoning why.


6. vs

Yet another comparison via WPMU.

via WPMU

via WPMU

7. A Review of WordCamp San Diego

James Dalman has the scoop.


8. Got Fragmentation?

via Tom McFarlin


9. Obj-Oriented PHP Lesson


10. Interview with Drew Strojny

Code Poet shares it with us!


via Code Poet

11. PNG Optimization Online and Local


12. Common Function Names to Avoid 

Now this is very, very handy.


13. Trackback Death?

Fight against it…?


14. 11 Facts About Blogging

… that will keep you up at night. You need a blog. Seriously.


15. Lessons Learned from Organizing a WordCamp

David Bisset has organized a handful and he’s sharing his experience for the betterment of future camps!

via WP Realm

via WP Realm

16. Hiring the Right People

ManageWP shares their philosophy on hiring for a startup.

via ManageWP

via ManageWP

17. Thoughts on Cross-Platform Mobile UX Design

Innovate or follow existing guidelines?

via Pingdom

via Pingdom

18. iThemes and Meetups

They’ve been sharing their secrets to how to run a great meetup. They’re continuing their series!


19. Interview with Travis Ketchum founder of Contest Domination

Watch the video interview here:

20. Are you an Arrogant Software Developer?

Don’t be. Please.


21. How to Starve a Troll

Everyone could be reminded of these great tactics.


22. Designing for the Retina Display

Great lessons learned here.


23. Twenty Thirteen Project Update

This theme is causing a lot of people to pause… for good reason.


24. Retina and Scalable Icons!


25. Photographers and Portfolios on

A look at a few great examples.


26. Documentation and Lessons from Drupal


27. Google and the Right Page Title?

What’s going on? Oh, it’s Google.


28. No to No UI

This incredible piece was referred by Matt.



29. WPKube and Jake Caputo



30. Proper Way to Instantiate a WordPress Plugin

Tom McFarlin opens the conversation.


31. Host Private Videos with Amazon S3

Chris Lema (not leema, lema) shares his thoughts.

via Chris Lema

via Chris Lema

32. Horizontal Scrolling in a Mobile World?


33. 11 Phases of a Web Developers Career

And… it starts here:


34. Content Planning for the Month

Love this. Love this!

via ManageWP

via ManageWP

35. Economics of Selling Themes

A look at how to be profitable.

via WP Shout

via WP Shout

36. User Feedback for Documentation


Anything else from this past week folks?

Have a great weekend!

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