Meet Doc Pop

Today, I am pleased to introduce Torque’s new Content Strategist, Doctor Popular! Doc will be revamping Torque’s creative, social, and content strategy (you’ve probably seen his illustrations in the wildly popular Torque talks series). Doc brings ...

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WebDevStudios Acquires Maintainn

Today, website development company WebDevStudios announced the acquisition of Maintainn, a professional WordPress support and maintenance company. As WebDevStudios has grown into one of the larger WordPress companies in the space, the acquisition seems like ...

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WordPress 4.1 Welcomes a New Class of Committers

With WordPress 4.0 released, it’s time to once again look to the future, WordPress 4.1. Over the weekend, Andrew Nacin announced our new release lead for 4.1, Jack Blackbourn, and a couple of guest committers ...

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A/B Testing: The Scientific Method to Optimize Your Website

I bet you would like to make more money with your website (or get more subscribers, readership, engagement. . .). We all want that but, obviously, most fail at it. In principle, there are only ...

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1 Billion Additional Customers: Optimize Your Site for China’s Online Market

China has been on the news a lot in the last years. The growth of its economy is leaving people in disbelief. It seems like not even a month goes by without some superlative-spouting news ...

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5 Things to Consider before Going Full-Time with WordPress

So you’ve worked hard at building up your WordPress business. You’ve reached a steady stream of website traffic and new customers, and you have plans in motion for future products and overall business growth. However, ...

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Keeping Content Honest with Plagiarism Detection

The growth of the Web has considerably lowered the barrier to gathering and sharing information. It has also made it far simpler for students and Websites to deliberately or accidentally copy text without proper citation ...

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Interview with Nick Haskins on WordPress Development

For developers, the WordPress world is full of opportunity. Creating plugins and themes, and building awesome websites are just a few of the possibilities. Becoming a WordPress developer, however, requires a great deal of time, dedication, and practice, ...

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Interview with Scott Bolinger on WordPress Mobile

There are 1.75 Billion smartphone users in the world. That’s roughly 25% of the world population, and this number will only continue its rapid growth. Given these statistics, it shouldn’t be surprising that now more than ...

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Working with Taxonomies Using the JSON REST API

Over the last few months I’ve provided a series of tutorials on how to use the WordPress REST API. I’ve covered topics on how to retrieve and create posts, and even how to work with post meta data and how ...

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Eight Plugins for Editing in WordPress like a Pro

With all of the great features being rolled into WordPress core, it can be easy to forget that it is still the best CMS out there for managing a blog or publication. Out of the ...

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Should You Accept Comments on Your WordPress Site?

No website should exist in beautiful isolation. As can be seen by the rise of Twitter over the last few years: people want to interact over the Internet. They want to engage in conversation, to ...

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WordPress SEO 101: Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Many websites possess a power that is usually reserved for superheroes. No, not superhuman speed, laser sight, or the ability to look good in spandex. Instead, the special ability that a large number of websites ...

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How to Choose a Premium Theme

Earlier this week, we took a pretty extensive look at the world of free themes and, in the process, we briefly mentioned premium themes. In this article, we’re going to going to take an in-depth look ...

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Improve Website Navigation with Mega Menus

To maximize the revenue your website generates, you need to provide the best possible user experience. Of course, great content is a big part of this, as is an aesthetically pleasing website. However, it’s just ...

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Dradcast Archives

DradCast Episode 063: Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Show Notes: Host Carrie Dils is a freelance web developer based in Fort Worth, Texas. She has been working on web development since 1998, but nowadays she exclusively works with the Genesis Framework on WordPress. ...

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DradCast Episode 062: Community Community Community

Show Notes: Host Patrick O’Keefe, author of “Managing Online Forums,” has been cultivating community in online forums for 14 years. He has started online communities such as and In addition to all his ...

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DradCast Episode 061: Dark Side Of The Internet

Show Notes: Host Tenko Nikolov is the CEO at SiteGround, and founded GetClouder and He started in the murky depths of hacking early in the inception of the web, but since has moved over ...

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