Google Officially Releases Mobile Friendly Labels

Yesterday Google officially announced the latest addition to its search engine results pages: mobile friendly labels. With the number of mobile users constantly on the rise, it is little surprise the latest changes were implemented ...

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WordPress Community Shares Thoughts on Microsoft’s Open Source News

On Wednesday, S. Somasegar, the corporate vice president of the developer division at Microsoft, announced that Microsoft is opening up access to .NET and Visual Studio — a move that will lead to universal access ...

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Torque Is Growing, Come Join Us!

Got lots to share with the WordPress and the open source community? We’d like to hear it! Over the past year Torque has shared nearly 2,000 articles and our audience has continued to grow. We’d like to keep ...

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How to start a WordPress freelancing business

Want to start your own WordPress freelancing business? I k now it can seem rather scary, and you probably have a gazillion questions: Where do I start? What services should I offer? How do I ...

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Freelance writers beware: 3 bad SEO practices to avoid

Take it from me: There are signs that a client isn’t worth it. If you’re being paid to write content specifically designed to trick search engines, you’re most likely working with a business that doesn’t ...

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What You Need to Know about Starting Your Own WordPress Business

In the 2014 State of the Word, Matt Mullenweg revealed an interesting insight from this year’s WordPress development survey: Of the people who took part in the survey, 25 percent made their living entirely through ...

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The ethics of food blogging: What does nutrition really mean?

Food is one of the key requirements for our healthy existence, and ideally we just eat things that taste good and are good for us. We all have a different relationship with food owing to ...

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Building a loyal community by adding a forum to your website

If you are able to build a loyal following for your website, success usually follows: fans of your site are more likely to share your content on social media, visit regularly, and buy whatever it ...

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Interview with Ryan Sullivan on LoopConf

Over the past month or so, there’s been lots of hype surrounding LoopConf, a niche-Wordpress conference specifically for developers. The conference aims to provide an opportunity for WordPress developers, regardless of their background, to come together ...

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Fixing the White Screen of Death

Whoever wrote the now famous quote “there are no certainties in life beyond death and taxes” clearly never had a WordPress site; because somewhere, sometime, when you least expect it (and most likely when it is ...

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Why Choose WordPress to Power (Part of) your SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a hot topic of conversation. And increasingly WordPress has become involved in this discussion. Here, we will look at specific reasons why you may want to consider using WordPress ...

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Improve Your Blog’s Design with These Style-Enhancing WordPress Plugins

When people ask me what the best thing about using WordPress is, I generally tell them that it’s the huge number of plugins available, which allows even programming-illiterate webmasters to add some awesome functionality to ...

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Improving WordPress plugin development with Composer

I recently released a plugin comprised almost entirely of code pulled from composer libraries. The plugin’s main file (besides the header and license) just includes the composer autoloader and the plugin’s activation function. That’s it. ...

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Building the Front-End for the JSON REST API-Powered Single Page Web App

In my last two articles I have discussed how to prepare your WordPress site to act as the backend for a JSON REST-API powered app using a separate, non-WordPress front-end, and I have illustrated how to use Node.js and Express to ...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Installing Social Media Plugins on a WordPress Site

There are numerous tools in a blogger’s arsenal, but when it comes to WordPress, the secret weapon has been and always will be plugins. These delicious little morsels of code and features can turn a ...

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Dradcast Archives

DradCast Episode 066: One line is better than no lines

Show notes: John Eckman has been working with Content Management Systems for 15 years. He is the CEO of  10up, a distributed digital agency that works with CMSs, primarily WordPress. John also started the first ...

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DradCast Episode 065: What Should We Call Me?

Show Notes: Japh Thomson is a professional hand holder; walking his clients through the ins and outs of the WordPress landscape. He is extremely passionate about working with people to give them the tools they ...

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DradCast Episode 064: Review. Refine. Repeat.

Show Notes: Host After deciding the world of marketing and business development wasn’t for him, Greg Taylor started his journey with WordPress development and content marketing. His company Marketing Press helps businesses achieve a great looking site, ...

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