Shortcode Improvements Potentially Coming to WordPress Core

On Monday, the core team announced that they were discussing the potential of committing the Shortcake plugin to the WordPress core. For those unfamiliar with Shortcake, the plugin enhances the way shortcodes are added to ...

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This Week In WordPress 06/29/2015

Have a news tip or upcoming event you’d like to see in our weekly WordPress roundup, write us at News Highlights: Help name this column – Looking around the web we’ve noticed there are already ...

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This Week In WordPress 06/22/2015

Have a news tip or upcoming event you’d like to see in our This Week In WordPress roundup, write us at News Highlights: Yoast Comment Hacks – Last week, SEO specialist Yoast released a brand new WordPress plugin: ...

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How to Do Market Research for Websites and Blogs

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but your website is basically invisible. No, don’t worry your server isn’t down—I can see it just fine when I type in the URL. However, ...

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Squarespace or WordPress: Which Is Right For You?

You’ve probably been asked, “Which is better: WordPress or Squarespace?” Seeing as we are part of the WordPress community, you and I are obviously biased towards WordPress. Many times we will instinctively say WordPress is ...

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Validation, Shipping, and Scaling WordPress Products

In my last article for Torque, I talked about marketing automation for Easy Digital Downloads. The idea for that article grew out of the work that I’m currently doing to scale my own business—which has been ...

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Is Modular Code the Future of WordPress?

This year at WordCamp Miami I had the pleasure of meeting John James Jacoby, or JJJ. Many of you may know him as the man behind BuddyPress, but I got to know him for another, older project, ...

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Elegant Themes is Evolving: What This Means for the Premium WordPress Marketplace

Elegant Themes, the brainchild of CEO Nick Roach, has been a popular name in premium WordPress development for years. It’s long been known for its innovative and relatively inexpensive pricing structure (pay $69, get access ...

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The WordPress Foundation Sues for up to $100,000

The WordPress Foundation is suing for trademark infringement. The lawsuit targets the use of “WordPress” in the domain, which is forbidden unless permission is granted by the WordPress Foundation—the organization responsible for protecting the ...

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Plugins vs. Themes: Do You Know the Difference?

Do you know what the difference is between a WordPress theme and a WordPress plugin? For the longest time I did not. Many may say it doesn’t matter knowing which is which. But let me ...

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Adding Custom Routes to the WordPress REST API

Most of the discussion around the WordPress REST API has been about querying the default routes. In that sense, we’re treating it as a monolithic API—like the Twitter API, for example. The truth is, however, ...

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Creating Future-Proof, Extensible WordPress Plugins: A Best Practices Guide

One of the core aspects of the WordPress platform that we all know and love, is it’s emphasis on freedom and transparency, and an open dialog between platform, developer, and end user. With these freedoms ...

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The Best WordPress SEO Plugins And Tools For 2015

“Just for once, I would like to rank first place in Google.” How many website owners have thought that to themselves? Probably most of them. If not all. No wonder. Search engines are a major ...

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Is Web Design Dying?

For a good period of time, web pages have served as the axis mundi of the Internet. As such, designing those pages has also had its periods of glory. However, as of lately, web design ...

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Avoiding The WordPress Theme Lock-in Effect

Quite possibly the best thing about WordPress is the accessibility to a large number of themes and plugins. No matter what type of functionality or feature you are looking at, there are specialized themes and plugins for ...

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Dradcast Archives

DradCast episode 079: Nerd with a pager

Show notes: Host Sam Hotchkiss has been working with WordPress for the last ten years. Over that time he worked as a freelancer, and built both a successful agency and a product business, BruteProtect, which was ...

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DradCast Episode 078: Lifestyle Business

Shownotes Host Ryan Sullivan is a WordPress enthusiast, the founder of WP Site Care. When he’s not behind a computer, you can find him playing superheroes with his three boys, or trying to spend quality time the his better ...

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DradCast Episode 076: WordPress Preacher

Show notes: Mendel Kurland started his web career as a consultant for local businesses, and quickly found his way to corporate America as a developer, marketer, and inventor. Mendel is a GoDaddy Evangelist which allows ...

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