MailPoet Vulnerability Compromises Thousands of WordPress Sites

On Tuesday, Sucuri reported a large-scale concerted attack injecting malware into WordPress sites, causing them to break. Upon further investigation, Sucuri researchers discovered that the exploitation is happening through a recent vulnerability found in the ...

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Sucuri Reports Malware Infection Targeting WordPress Sites

Earlier today, Sucuri reported a malware infection targeting WordPress sites! The announcement indicates: The last few days has brought about a massive influx of broken WordPress websites. What makes [this infection] so unique is that the ...

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WP Engine Partners with SIDEKICK: An inside Look at the New Interactive Tutorials

Providing excellent customer support is something that most businesses aim to achieve. Customer service not only reflects heavily on a company, but (for many businesses) it’s integral to their overall product. WP Engine has recently bolstered its ...

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Top 3 Marketplaces to Buy and Sell Themes

The WordPress themes market is huge. Big players such as StudioPress, Elegant Themes, ThemeFuse, and WooThemes, just to name a few, dominate as top premium theme sellers. Alongside these dedicated studios are thousands of independent designers developing themes ...

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PayPal or Stripe: Which Payment Processor Should You Use

Whether you run a blog, membership site, or eCommerce site, if you want to collect online payments from your customers, you’ll need a payment processor. There are plenty of options out there, but which one ...

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6 Helpful Ways to Grow your Twitter Following

Unless you’re a major celebrity or an icon in your industry, you know how it feels to open up Twitter and outwardly sigh at your follower count. Building your brand up to have thousands of ...

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Tech Panel: Gearing up for the Future of the Car

A future where we no longer have to drive ourselves around is coming. We’ll all be able to sit back and read, catch up on emails, or perhaps watch a movie while our car takes ...

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Q&A with Co-Founder of WooThemes, Magnus Jepson

Last Wednesday, WooThemes celebrated its 6th birthday, which in startup years is no small feat! Throughout its life cycle, WooThemes has evolved alongside WordPress, and established itself as a leading WordPress theme and plugin provider. In ...

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Wearables in the BA (Before Apple) Era

Did you know we are in the year 1 A? That is the year before Apple releases their wearable device and changes the course of life as we know it. . . Or at least, ...

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3 Ways to Manage Your Plugins

Plugins are my bread and butter. I spend a great deal of time using them, organizing them, and evaluating them. Many WordPress users out there probably have a few groups of plugins they like to start sites ...

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5 Plugins to Quickly and Easily Generate Sitemaps

Sitemaps typically come in two formats: XML and HTML. Search engines use the former to quickly and easily find the content on your site, while webmasters and bloggers use the latter to help visitors find ...

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On the WordPress Content Modeling Problem

Last week, there was a bit of a stir regarding WordPress’s upcoming 4.0 release. Raelene Wilson started it off with a post about the “underwhelming” nature of the newest release, especially when looked at from ...

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Create an Awesome WordPress Site for Your Portfolio

It has become essential for creative professionals today to showcase their work in an online format. Whether you’re a writer, graphic/web designer, photographer, or illustrator, you need somewhere to point people who are interested in ...

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Improving WordPress Search with FacetWP and SearchWP

When we create websites with WordPress, it’s easy to get distracted by all of the amazing tools, plugins, and themes, and forget that the content is most important. If relevant information is difficult to find on your website, ...

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Designing the Perfect eCommerce Website

There once was a time when eCommerce websites were viewed with suspicion by internet users. The concept of purchasing a product online and having it delivered to you was too novel to be trusted. However, ...

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Dradcast Archives

DradCast Episode 052: I Pity the Foo!

Show Notes Host Adam Warner has worked as a paper boy, blueberry farmer, Ritz Carlton valet, tour guide, maker of office furniture, and as an Amazon employee. His fascination with the internet started in the early 1990s ...

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DradCast Episode 051: Captial_Pippin_Dangit

Show Notes Host Pippin Williamson is the developer and founder of some great WordPress plugins like Restrict Content Pro and Easy Digital Downloads. He is known for his ninja-like ability to produce amazing plugins at the drop ...

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DradCast Episode 050: Godfather of PressNomics

Show Notes Host Joshua Strebel is the founder and CEO of Pagely, a managed WordPress hosting solution. He is also one of the great minds behind PressNomics—a 3-day event where passionate and successful entrepreneurs gather ...

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