TechCrunch Open Sources Library for Asynchronous Tasks

TechCrunch recently underwent a pretty massive redesign, running on WordPress VIP. One of the biggest priorities for the development team was increasing performance. And not just a little, a lot. One of the tools that ...

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MailPoet Vulnerability Compromises Thousands of WordPress Sites

On Tuesday, Sucuri reported a large-scale concerted attack injecting malware into WordPress sites, causing them to break. Upon further investigation, Sucuri researchers discovered that the exploitation is happening through a recent vulnerability found in the ...

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Sucuri Reports Malware Infection Targeting WordPress Sites

Earlier today, Sucuri reported a malware infection targeting WordPress sites! The announcement indicates: The last few days has brought about a massive influx of broken WordPress websites. What makes [this infection] so unique is that the ...

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4 Reasons Why You Should Sell WordPress Plugins Independently

To sell independently or to join a plugin marketplace? Ah, but that is the question. It’s a question that’s stumped many talented WordPress developers over the years, and for good reason: there is no right ...

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Boost Sales and Customer Service by Integrating Live Chat

One of the key aspects of maximizing sales from you website is to reduce as many buyer objections as possible. Your sales copy is a great place to start, allowing you to pre-empt and dismiss ...

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The Best Web Analytics Tools for WordPress

“What gets measured, gets managed.” -Peter Drucker Imagine you wanted to visit a new restaurant on the opposite side of town. Although it’s in an area of the city you haven’t visited before, you understand its ...

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Highlights from WP Think Tank #3

On Tuesday, WP Think Tank #3 — hosted by co-founder of WP Elevation Troy Dean — shed light on some pressing issues in the WordPress space. The two-hour long Google Hangout addressed these three topics: How ...

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Introducing Some Lesser-Known WordPress Clubs

One of the major benefits of WordPress is the ability to use themes and plugins to add design and functionality to our website. This is a benefit which most of us would otherwise be unable to create ourselves. ...

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10 WordPress Blogs Well Worth the Read

If there’s one thing I love as much as writing blog posts, it’s reading them. And learning about a topic like WordPress is conveyed much more efficiently on a blog rather than on something like a textbook. But ...

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Getting Started with the Piklist Framework

If you’ve been developing WordPress for a while, chances are you find yourself repeating the same code over and over. Creating custom post types, taxonomies, meta boxes, and generally structuring your content can all be ...

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Best Practices for WordPress Theme Development

WordPress is slightly addictive. I always thought of it as a gateway drug into the world of web development. Maybe you started off just needing a simple website. You figured out how to install WordPress ...

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Small Security Vulnerability in Disqus WordPress Plugin

As some of you may have heard, a number of CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) vulnerabilities were discovered in the Disqus plugin for WordPress by Nik Cubrilovic not too long ago. The biggest of these issues ...

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Introduction to the JSON REST API

In my article on the future of WordPress, I wrote about how the introduction of a JSON RESTful API to WordPress core will radically expand WordPress’s reach and capabilities. What is so exciting about this new REST ...

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Free WordPress Themes: August 2014 Edition

Various WordPress themes were released during the month of August. In this roundup, I’ve put together some of the best free WordPress themes from this month. Most of the free themes of August 2014 were ...

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Why You Need Child Themes and How to Use Them

If you’re new to WordPress or the WordPress ecosystem — whether it be by being friends with someone who uses it or by attending your first WordPress meetup or WordCamp — there’s a term that ...

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Dradcast Archives

DradCast Episode 056: Tonga Tonga Tonga Room

Show Notes Host Steve Zehngut founded Zeek Interactive in 1995 and he has been the creative technologist behind the Huntington Beach based company since its inception. Under his direction, Zeek has grown from an apartment ...

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DradCast Episode 055: The Data Will Set You Free

Show Notes Host Chuck Reynolds has been a hardcore WordPress user since before WordPress was WordPress. That’s a long time. Now he has turned his focus from the development side of things to the data ...

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DradCast Episode 054: Chris Brogan Is Wrong

  Show Notes Host Chris Brogan is an advisor and strategist to professionals and owners alike. Having been on the Dr. Phil show and presented to thousands at conferences he is a highly regarded keynote ...

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