TechCrunch Open Sources Library for Asynchronous Tasks

TechCrunch recently underwent a pretty massive redesign, running on WordPress VIP. One of the biggest priorities for the development team was increasing performance. And not just a little, a lot. One of the tools that ...

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MailPoet Vulnerability Compromises Thousands of WordPress Sites

On Tuesday, Sucuri reported a large-scale concerted attack injecting malware into WordPress sites, causing them to break. Upon further investigation, Sucuri researchers discovered that the exploitation is happening through a recent vulnerability found in the ...

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Sucuri Reports Malware Infection Targeting WordPress Sites

Earlier today, Sucuri reported a malware infection targeting WordPress sites! The announcement indicates: The last few days has brought about a massive influx of broken WordPress websites. What makes [this infection] so unique is that the ...

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Boost Sales and Customer Service by Integrating Live Chat

One of the key aspects of maximizing sales from you website is to reduce as many buyer objections as possible. Your sales copy is a great place to start, allowing you to pre-empt and dismiss ...

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The Best Web Analytics Tools for WordPress

“What gets measured, gets managed.” -Peter Drucker Imagine you wanted to visit a new restaurant on the opposite side of town. Although it’s in an area of the city you haven’t visited before, you understand its ...

Read More Simplified: An Introduction to Schema Markup

In the online marketing world, a lot is written on the topic of SEO: How to optimize your content, how to build inbound links, how to do keyword research, and more. The list is practically ...

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The Ethics of Ad Platforms

A variety of advertising platforms such as Google AdWords and AdSense play a key role in bringing fresh traffic to WordPress sites as well as in monetizing many types of blogs. As these platforms grow ...

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Dre Armeda Joins WebDevStudios as Vice President of Operations

This morning, WebDevStudios announced Dre Armeda—co-host of DradCast and co-founder of the popular website security company, Sucuri—as their new Vice President of Operations. This is exciting news, and we’re eager to see what innovation and progress comes from ...

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The Next Phase in Sucuri’s Lifecycle: Interview with Tony Perez, CEO of Sucuri

WordPress security, and website security more broadly, is constantly improving to address evolving security threats. Sucuri, a popular website security company, is stepping up its game to take security to the next level. Just last week the ...

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Small Security Vulnerability in Disqus WordPress Plugin

As some of you may have heard, a number of CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) vulnerabilities were discovered in the Disqus plugin for WordPress by Nik Cubrilovic not too long ago. The biggest of these issues ...

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7 Effective Tooltip Plugins for WordPress

Tooltip plugins are generally some of the most underused and underrated plugins around. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, a “tooltip” is a little popup that appears when a user hovers his or her cursor ...

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6 Related Content Plugins to Boost Pageviews

The number of pageviews a website obtains is becoming increasingly more important to webmasters and marketers. Generally, the more pageviews your website gets, the higher the worth of your traffic, and the higher return on investment (ROI) ...

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Being User Centric in Web Design

Web design means much more than aesthetic web pages and flamboyant features. In fact, good web design means that you focus on the requirements and needs of the end user. Thus, web design should, always, be ...

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Getting Started with Vagrant for Local Development

Vagrant is a system for creating local web servers in portable, highly-configurable virtual machines on Linux, Windows, and Mac. Though there are lots of ways to create a local testing environment for WordPress development, Vagrant ...

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11 WordPress Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

WordPress itself is very comfortable to use. It offers plenty of functions and features that make running a website or blog as easy as possible. In addition, when you update to the latest WordPress version it adds ...

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Dradcast Archives

DradCast Episode 055: The Data Will Set You Free

Show Notes Host Chuck Reynolds has been a hardcore WordPress user since before WordPress was WordPress. That’s a long time. Now he has turned his focus from the development side of things to the data ...

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DradCast Episode 054: Chris Brogan Is Wrong

  Show Notes Host Chris Brogan is an advisor and strategist to professionals and owners alike. Having been on the Dr. Phil show and presented to thousands at conferences he is a highly regarded keynote ...

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DradCast Episode 053: Turn Down For What

Show Notes Host Kevin Dees started with a GeoCities website, nowadays he is the owner of the web consulting agency Robojuice and the creator of TypeRocket. He has also co-hosted the Web Weekly and SitePoint ...

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