First impressions of WordPress 4.2

Yesterday WordPress version 4.2 launched. Named “Powell,” paying homage to jazz pianist, Bud Powell, version 4.2 focuses on communication, sharing, and simplicity. Although WordPress 4.2 didn’t introduce anything ground-breaking, it was another solid update from the team ...

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WordPress 4.2 “Powell” now available

WordPress 4.2, named after American jazz Pianist, Bud Powell, is now available for download! This update improves the overall writing experience in WordPress, and includes under-the-hood changes that developers will love: Press This has been completely revamped ...

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‘Mobilegeddon’ unleashed: Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm

Mobilegeddon is finally here. That’s right; today, April 21, Google unleashed the biggest algorithm shake-up in several years. The algorithm change specifically targets mobile searches. With an ever-growing number of mobile users, Google has been trying to enhance ...

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The ultimate guide to WordPress eCommerce: Part 1

WordPress took off as a business tool shortly after plugins were first introduced in version 1.2, back in 2004. The inclusion of plugins was important for a couple of reasons. Most notably because it allowed third-party developers ...

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Debunking four common myths about entrepreneurs

The life of an entrepreneur. Sounds good doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the stuff we read about the multi-millionaire, uber-successful entrepreneurs is a bit of an illusion—it bears no resemblance to the experiences of your average entrepreneur. ...

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How to avoid clients from hell and make freelancing fun again

Every freelancer has had to deal with a client from hell. One that, as The Oatmeal describes, makes you “begin to fantasize about other careers, like someone who digs ditches for a living or gives ...

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6 upcoming WordCamps you just have to attend

One of the most satisfying things you can do is get involved in the WordPress community. There hasn’t been a community I’ve been a part of that is as supportive, approachable, and friendly as the WordPress ...

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WordCamp San Diego 2015: Beach balls, sunshine, and WordPress

WordCamp San Diego was held this weekend at the San Diego Hall of Champions in Balboa Park. Roughly 250 people attended the two-day event, despite two other WordCamps occurring at the same time—WordCamp Seattle and WordCamp ...

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Using taxonomies and ontologies to improve blog search and discovery

One of the challenges around reaching a larger audience is that potential readers might use a variety of words to search for the same thing. Semantic processing techniques that leverage taxonomies and ontologies are helping ...

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The importance of SSL and why you need it

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a term used in many web development discussions and carries a high level of importance for any website owner (especially those running eCommerce businesses). As with the large pool of ...

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5 best email opt-in plugins for WordPress

Almost any online marketer will agree that email is one of the most effective marketing channels. Neil Patel, one of the world’s highest regarded online marketers, said “Out of all the channels I tested as ...

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Plugged in: Make your website more cacheable with Cache Buddy

“Plugged in” is a reoccurring feature on Torque that aims to take a closer look at different plugins each week. If you have any suggestions for plugins you’d like to see reviewed, write us at When ...

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Strategic blogging: the best time to publish and share content

Creating and maintaining a blog isn’t easy. Getting your site to look right, load quickly, and be mobile friendly takes time. And, after all that, you still need to craft your content, and make sure ...

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How to promote under-appreciated, old blog content

When first launching a website or blog, most bloggers understand the importance of publishing high quality content. When competing against thousands of well-established websites, the blogger knows that the only way to get noticed is ...

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Improving your workflow with DesktopServer

If you’re a WordPress developer, you know that there are lots of helpful tools out there to choose from. In this article, we are going to take a look at’s DesktopServer—a tool designed to ...

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Dradcast Archives

DradCast Episode 078: Lifestyle Business

Shownotes Host Ryan Sullivan is a WordPress enthusiast, the founder of WP Site Care. When he’s not behind a computer, you can find him playing superheroes with his three boys, or trying to spend quality time the his better ...

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DradCast Episode 076: WordPress Preacher

Show notes: Mendel Kurland started his web career as a consultant for local businesses, and quickly found his way to corporate America as a developer, marketer, and inventor. Mendel is a GoDaddy Evangelist which allows ...

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DradCast Episode 075: It’s a slow burn

Show notes: Jeffrey Zinn co-founded Pixel Jar, a custom web development firm specializing in WordPress, with Brandon Dove in 2004. He also co-hosts the monthly WordPress meetup in Orange County, and speaks at neighboring WordCamps. You ...

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