Deadline approaching for Community Hub poll

There’s only one day left to vote for the features you’d like to see included in the WordPress Community Hub. The poll will close at 00:00 UTC January 29, 2015. In early December, Jenny Wong gave the green ...

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Changes to EU VAT Legislation: How It Impacts WordPress Users

While most of us were busy nursing a New Year’s hangover on January 1, 2015, the EU was introducing new VAT legislation, which could have huge consequences for tens of thousands of online businesses. In a snapshot: ...

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Supreme Court tackles online threats: What does this mean for bloggers?

On the first Monday of December, the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments in Elonis vs. United States, in which the Court took up the issue of what intent should be required ...

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How to create a review website: Tips on earning affiliate commission with WordPress

Many people have seen the potential of the Internet for making a living online — some of whom have even make huge sums of money. However, knowing where to start is one of the biggest road ...

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Keeping sight of the user

Anybody who has designed or developed a WordPress theme or plugin will know, and will have experienced, the situation of getting overly wrapped up in creative inspiration or technical challenges. It’s very, very easy and not ...

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Measuring key marketing metrics for your WordPress site

We are living in a world where almost anything can be put into numbers. We have people measure their sleep quality, fitness level, even their happiness. Death by data overkill? No problem. However, no matter ...

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Don’t throttle my ingenuity: Why the little guy needs net neutrality

Much of the debate surrounding net neutrality has framed the issue as both ideological (with those favoring more regulation pitted against free-market advocates) and political (with all sorts of strange bedfellows staking out positions on ...

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WordPress Highlights from 2014

It’s been a great year for Torque Magazine — filled with plugin reviews, business development, WordPress releases, interviews, and more. Let’s take a look at some of Torque’s most popular articles in 2014!  WordPress mobile 2014 was ...

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Google’s Anti-Spam Strategy: No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA

If you’ve spent any amount of time online, it’s likely you’ve been asked to solve a CAPTCHA to verify you are, in fact, a human – this is the awkward-looking, distorted text you have to squint ...

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5 free courses to learn web development

Want to learn web development? As one of the top careers in the US, web development is a very sought after career. But even if you don’t aspire to make it a career, learning web development ...

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All about that database: How to use phpMyAdmin for WordPress

If you have ever installed WordPress, you will know that every WordPress website consists of two parts: The core files and a MySQL database. Of the two, the database is the much more important component. ...

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12 Google Chrome browser extensions for WordPress users

Running a WordPress website can be exhausting, so many of us have picked up plenty of tips and tricks over time to help us work more efficiently. Now, most of us depend on WordPress plugins, ...

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Mastering WordPress: 48 resources to go from newbie to pro

Mastery is a fascinating topic. Anyone taking pride in what they do are constantly striving to improve. To improve their skill set just a little more — to get a little better, faster, or more ...

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Why you need to start using a staging environment

Have you ever made a change to a client’s WordPress site and it crashed? Maybe you were updating a plugin or customizing code in the theme, and the site just goes down. Panic sets in as ...

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How to create a custom 404 error page for WordPress

Why on earth would you want to build a customized 404 error page for WordPress? Isn’t that wasted time and effort? Shouldn’t you rather invest in making your site airtight so that nobody will ever ...

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Dradcast Archives

DradCast Episode 071: GoDraddy

Show notes: Lisa Sabin-Wilson is the author of WordPress For Dummies, which is a compilation of her knowledge from working with WordPress since 2003. Lisa is also a co-owner of WebDevStudios, as well as a mainstay public speaker on: WordPress, ...

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DradCast Episode 070: Omaha Omaha

Show notes: Matt Medeiros is the co-founder of Slocum Studio, host of the Matt Report, and creator of Conductor Plugin. He grew up in the automotive business with his father, Mark, and continues this father-and-son duo ...

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DradCast Episode 069: The Incredible Hawk

Show notes: John Hawkins is a 3 time host of the Dradcast, web developer, and WordCamp speaker/organizer from Las Vegas. He co-founded 9seeds, a custom WordPress development company. You can find John on Twitter @vegasgeek Sippin’ on Brad – ...

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