Photoblogging Made Easier with Postbot

Photos are an important part of the WordPress.com blogging experience. They can illustrate, emphasize, and sometimes even narrate the stories we want to tell. Photos provide an artistic element to millions of WordPress blogs. Some blogs ...

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WordPress 3.9 Is Now Available

The whopping 267 contributors to WordPress 3.9 have been working hard since Beta 1 was announced on March 11. All the creases have now been ironed out and the much-anticipated release date has arrived! Matt Mullenweg ...

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An Overview of this Week’s Security Updates

It’s been a big week for WordPress security. There have been several important security updates this week; including one that arose out of rather unnerving circumstances. These updates make the WordPress space more secure, and ...

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Using LinkedIn to Give Your Landing Pages Better Social Proof

When people first land on a page that’s selling them something—whether it’s a service, theme, plugin, or hosting—they may not know you. And if they don’t know you, or have no preconceived notions of who ...

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Outside in, Rather Than inside Out: Changing Our Perspectives as We Price New Products

There are several pricing models that exist out there and I thought it might help our business discussions to look at them and to highlight the biggest difference between cost-based and value-based pricing. Cost-Based Pricing ...

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5 Other WordPress Businesses That You Could Start

Unless you got here by mistake, you’re here because you’ve heard how popular, and maybe even how easy, WordPress is. And if that’s the case, maybe you’ve considered stepping into the ecosystem. Maybe you’ve wondered ...

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WordCamps 2014: Spring & Summer Edition

WordCamps are important events for the WordPress community. They draw WordPress users, developers, designers, and enthusiasts together to talk WordPress and build connections. The dialogue is meaningful, the atmosphere is light, and the sessions are ...

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My Experience With Ghost

It’s been well over a year since John O’Nolan expressed his angst about WordPress no longer being a pure blogging tool, and announced Ghost to the world. In the short span of one year, Ghost ...

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3 Commonly Used Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

The customer is king. This universal mantra holds true even today. Customers are the backbone of a company—and for that reason, your services and products should always be accessible to them. Today, having a website is ...

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The 3 Best Map Plugins for WordPress

Maps are one of those things that make the web great. They allow you to provide directions, context, and a good amount of information about your business, all in a single interface. But for WordPress ...

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AffiliateWP: The New Kid on the Block for Affiliate Marketing with WordPress

In today’s WordPress community there’s no shortage of entrepreneurial developers—many of whom are working on new ideas, new products, or new WordPress related services. And they all have one thing in common: constantly trying to ...

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Free WordPress Themes: April 2014 Edition

April witnessed the release of WordPress 3.9, which brought many improvements and new features to the table. April also saw the release of several new free WordPress themes, almost all of which were geared towards ...

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Using WordPress Starter Themes

The continued adoption of WordPress across the web has facilitated the development of some robust themes. We’re able to create a child theme from almost any parent theme, use a theme framework, or build our ...

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An Introduction to bobWP Tutorials

WordPress-specific tutorials, workshops, and other educational resources are becoming increasingly more popular. This could be because WordPress is one of the most developer-friendly Content Management Systems, or, perhaps, because it’s the most preferred blogging platform. ...

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Dradcast Archives

Episode 041: Chasing Nacin

Show Notes Host Andrew Nacin is a core developer of WordPress. As a member of the core team, he wrangles contributions, develops new features, and tries to fix more bugs than he creates. He lives in ...

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DradCast Episode 40: Brain of a Sperm Whale

Show Notes Host Mark Jaquith is a Lead Developer on the WordPress web publishing platform. He’s also a web publishing consultant to everyone from individuals to startups to established media companies. His personal goal is to bring intuitive, low-cost web publishing ...

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DradCast Episode 39: Pricing Drelema

Show Notes Host Chris Lema started using WordPress in 2005 because of how user-friendly it is for customers. He’s still active in the WordPress community—consulting with different companies to help them think through strategy. Chris attends ...

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