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What’s New In WordPress 07/27/2015

Have a news tip or upcoming event you’d like to see in our weekly What’s New In WordPress roundup? Write us at editor@torquemag.io. News Highlights: WordPress Rejects 43% Of DMCAs: WordPress just published their newest transparency report, ...

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Physical Web First Look: Google Releases Chrome 44 For iOS

Hot on the heels of last Tuesday’s Chrome 44 release for desktop, on Wednesday, Google released Chrome 44 for iOS, available from the app store. Although the latest iOS update saw patches for 43 known critical ...

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What’s New In WordPress 07/20/2015

Have a news tip or upcoming event you’d like to see in our weekly What’s New In WordPress roundup, write us at editor@torquemag.io. News Highlights: Design a Wapuu for Torque: We’ve been seeing Wapuus everywhere lately, so ...

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5 Ways To Start Making Money On eBay

Making money on eBay isn’t as difficult as you might think. Items you may have purchased from garage sales or heavily-discounted merchandise you bought can easily be resold on eBay to make a profit. Here ...

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Lessons From Starbucks On Getting Paid More

As a WordPress freelancer, there is much we can learn from those who sell coffee. Just think about the various ways you can buy coffee: You can buy coffee beans from your local supermarket to ...

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How to Do Market Research for Websites and Blogs

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but your website is basically invisible. No, don’t worry your server isn’t down—I can see it just fine when I type in the URL. However, ...

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Revisiting Torque’s Top 10 Most Popular Articles

Last week, Torque turned two! Since our launch in 2013, Torque’s mission has been to offer a forum for WordPress news and views and be a resource for the growing and vibrant WordPress community. In ...

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What You Can Learn From Ghostbusters Reboot About Rebranding Your WordPress Site

It seems like 2015 is the year the 1980s and 1990s decided to make a comeback. Which is cool. I mean, I grew up in those decades and have fond memories of many of the films ...

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Torque Is Two, And There’s A Lot To Celebrate

Two years ago, to herald the commencement of WordCamp San Francisco 2013, we launched Torque! Our goal was clear: “to create a hub for community building and offer a forum for WordPress news.” From that ...

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How Creating Apps With WordPress Changes Perspective And Standards In WordPress Development

In my last article for Torque on thinking like an app I intentionally did not address how mobilization of WordPress changes the way we approach development in terms of deciding what to build. In this post ...

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The Ultimate SumoMe WordPress Guide

Many people out there think that running a website and running an online business are basically the same thing. Yet, as every WordPresser knows, building a site or starting a blog is the easy part—turning ...

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Media Queries In Responsive Design

Since its inception, responsive design has found good response from the design community, with more and more designers and developers favoring responsive design, owing to the steady rise of mobile devices such as tablets and ...

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The Beginner’s Guide To Using MailChimp For Email Marketing

Email remains one of the most effective marketing tools. Having a direct channel for connecting with your audience is a priceless way to bypass all the noise on the Internet. Among the many email marketing ...

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The Best WordPress SEO Plugins And Tools For 2015

“Just for once, I would like to rank first place in Google.” How many website owners have thought that to themselves? Probably most of them. If not all. No wonder. Search engines are a major ...

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Dradcast Archives

DradCast episode 079: Nerd with a pager

Show notes: Host Sam Hotchkiss has been working with WordPress for the last ten years. Over that time he worked as a freelancer, and built both a successful agency and a product business, BruteProtect, which was ...

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DradCast Episode 078: Lifestyle Business

Shownotes Host Ryan Sullivan is a WordPress enthusiast, the founder of WP Site Care. When he’s not behind a computer, you can find him playing superheroes with his three boys, or trying to spend quality time the his better ...

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DradCast Episode 076: WordPress Preacher

Show notes: Mendel Kurland started his web career as a consultant for local businesses, and quickly found his way to corporate America as a developer, marketer, and inventor. Mendel is a GoDaddy Evangelist which allows ...

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